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Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Fab Lookin' Henry Cavill Chats With Fans In London

@hoganmulhall: Met the lovely Henry Cavill last night, super nice guy!! #HotHenry #manofsteel @HenryCavillNews

The top pic is from Saturday. This next one was posted by a London photographer who caught up with Henry tonight.

Click for larger size (gorgeous filter)

‏@misziak: I had a beer with Henry Cavill... 

(That's the photographer's brother in the pic)

We love hearing your fan encounters and seeing your great photos. Nice going Henry, you're really spoiling us now, with the smile.. and the kindness. Like Angela said..

@Latb_Angela: oh god, I don't think I can live without these fan pics anymore! every weekend we've got at least one..

Keep them coming! 


  1. Henry needs to go back with Ellen whitaker

  2. I think henry cavil is a lonely he should have married Ellen nothing means nothing without someone to share it with she would make him a good wife she is a pretty strong hard working woman so if he loves her he should go get her

  3. You shouldn't speculate on his private life, nor should you say 'he should have married Ellen', because I'm guessing you're not privy to his private state of affairs. I think it's fair to say if there hadn't been serious issues between them, that would have happened.
    Who knows what his personal life holds? He may have someone else at present, but that's not our business, that's his to manage.
    I think the film star life can be a pretty lonely one at times, even if you do have a partner to share it with.

  4. Yeah, that's just a ridiculous thing to say. They broke up - for a reason. Reasons that we are not privy to.

    If he was meant to be married to her - they'd be married.

    But I guess we should be thankful that you can deduce Henry's state of mind, state of loneliness and who he should be married to from a bunch of photographs.

  5. I deduce he wants a hamburger....a really big, cheesey hamburger!!!

    Seriously tho, he seems like such a swell guy! Must be bone tired around filming too, yet still poses with fans!

  6. This past week we had Rock in Rio here in Brazil. And the attitude contrast between the 80`s rock stars, like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi and mostly Bruce Springsteen, who delivered an epic performance, full of interaction with his fans, and the stars from more recent years, like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, etc, made me remember Henry. I don't know when to be blasé and inaccessible became fashionable and desirable, but it is so great when we get to meet a star that does not follow this patern and is nice to the fans, like Henry. When I look at these pictures my heart gets bigger and all I can do is pray that he keeps this attitude. You're a gentleman, Henry! Hope to meet you one day and have a beer with you!

    1. I almost forgot, the comments about who he should marry are... What can I say, ridiculous?

  7. I highly doubt that the first poster would have liked it if other people were dictating his or her private life. Keep it simple, if by being together make both individuals miserable, then what is the point. Life is too short and why waste it in misery. It is better to be both single and remain as friends.


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