Monday, September 2, 2013

New Pictures From 'Man Of Steel' Screening At Edwards AFB

This was one of our favorite Man of Steel moments, and it came just before Henry traveled the world promoting the film. He met with fans at Edwards Air Force Base on June 8 for a special screening of Man of Steel. Now we have new pics to show you from that day! 

Click for HQ ( trust us, you really want to)

Inked Autographs was at the meet and greet and shared these other great pics below, along with the story that will really give you an idea (not that you don't already know), of what a man of his word and all around good guy Henry really is. Read the account.  And make sure you read the captions on the photos. 

In fact this is one of those funny Henry moments right here :) 

(Again, bigger is better. Click for HQ)

Henry signed Kal-El! & wrote his "It's not an "S" line! (dying.. we're such nerds). 

Again, don't miss reading this post (you'll love it, guaranteed).

These we posted with reaction from Air Force Base Members after meeting Henry, but now they're in HQ (again, so much better in full size). And check out our initial wrap for more sweet moments from that day.


  1. Every day I take a few minutes to read the blog. Very good content and daily updates. Greetings from Argentina!

    1. Thank you so much. That means a lot to us. Look forward to bringing you much more on all of Henry's projects. Best, Yvette.

  2. Hi there! I'm South African and unfortunately for us we do not have major movie screenings with celebrities like Henry Cavill gracing our shores..very sad indeed :( So thank you for an incredible site which I thoroughly enjoy and always look forward to reading. Great Job!

    1. Much appreciated. We're always looking for updates on Henry's projects, new content/pics/videos, and exciting news to share. Glad you enjoy. Thank you again. x


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