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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Henry, Armie & Guy Ritchie On Set In South London Friday

Click for ultra-sexy Solo size

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Quick detail you can catch in HQ. Henry is wearing a ring as Solo. @Kazzy_69 brought it to our attention, thinking it may be Henry's personal signet ring, but we're not sure. It could be part of the costume.
 @CastleHelena then found a video in the original series where Robert Vaughn is wearing a ring in his left hand. Either way mystery solved! 

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Another cool detail to notice in HQ, you see that chair in the back? @marliimarl_ who was there says it reads: Napoleon Solo ;)   


After a few days of filming in South London, we are now getting the first clear pictures of Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. set. He was busy filming some indoor scenes with director Guy Ritchie Friday. marliimarl_ was there as cameras rolled, and she even got to meet Henry. See her cute pic and read her account.

Armie Hammer who plays Solo's partner Illya, on set with Ritchie.
 Photo: Daily Mail

Now that filming has wrapped at that location (Hello Italy!), we are posting the pics and details for you to get a feel for the set, that locals and fans alike were definitely excited about.

‏@ALEXTownsend6: The 60s/Cold War setting being retained in the Man From UNCLE movie makes me oddly giddy. We could be in store for something special.

@nuzshugaa: #Henrycavill looked very smart on Guyritchie set of #manfromuncle

cathygomezLoughborough Junction's gone all Deutschland 1955 

‏@jasoncartwright: Movie remake of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is being filmed a street over from us. Massive operation - trucks everywhere.

‏@ItsBrownItsEyes: So they are filming the new Guy Ritchie film The Man From UNCLE where i work! HENRY (..) CAVILL IS JUST ROUND THE CORNER FROM ME O.O

‏@sennydreadful: apparently Man from Uncle is filming up the road! We're now wondering if Henry Cavill might be drinking in our local. 0_0

‏@LJAGgers1: Man from U.N.C.L.E filming in LJ. Padfield Rd transformed into Cold War Berlin. Evil looking guards though.

@bakerpictures: So, here in Herne Hill we have Guy Ritchie's The Man from UNCLE being shot (for younger followers, a 60s TV show). I had the Dinky car.

@MelissaRHunt: Just went past Guy Richie filming 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E' remake, using some pretty nice 1960s cars

@LoveAndCake: Hey, cast and crew of Man From Uncle - come to Sunday's AMAZING Herne Hill market, just next to Brockwell Park!! We have loads of CAKE!!

‏@olleysfishexp: Just seen base camp in Brockwell park for film crew for new "man from uncle" film. Good luck Guy Ritchie!!

‏@MissyMackem @lunachick1 green raincoat moment. Man from UNCLE being filmed in our local railway arches.

 Learn more about  Loughborough Junction where this particular set was located. And definitely don't miss the rest of the pics of Solo on set. Next stop, Italy! 

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