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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NM: 'Batman v Superman' Latest & State's Superman Connection

UPDATE: KOAT has a first look at construction on the Batman v Superman set in NM. -- WATCH.

Now that the word is out that Batman v Superman is headed to New Mexico to film some African scenes next month, area journalists have begun asking questions. KRQE did a nice job with their story, confirming production is not there because of Ebola fears as some reports claimed. They also flagged us to the fact that this isn't the first time Superman has been there:

New Mexico itself has a big Superman connection. Scenes from the 1978 Superman film were shot in a part of Red Rock State Park near Gallup now known as Superman Canyon.

 WATCH KRQE's report and read the transcript (thanks for the shout out!).

As we told you earlier this week, filming in New Mexico is expected to begin in mid-November, after the Batman v Superman cast and crew shoot scenes in Chicago and surrounding areas. Production is set to wrap by the end of the year.


  1. Thank you for the interesting updates, HCN. (y) :) <3
    I love Henry... <3 <3 <3

  2. Thanks for the updates! If that is in Playas, NM (as some places are stating), it is about 3 hours from us in El Paso (vs the 1 1/2 hours to Deming). I hope the cast takes the chance to enjoy what is available close-ish to them. Or at least watch the amazing sunrises and sunsets. I'd never seen the Milky Way and the stars like we saw in New Mexico!

    1. Hopefully they get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the desert while they film there. Thanks for the support!

    2. You're welcome. :-) We might try to "swing by" when it comes closer to filming. I don't want to violate any rules, etc. but will try to get some shots of goings-on although it appears the current set is being built on private land down some dirt road somewhere lol. Maybe a fun off-roading trip for us. ;-)


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