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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Behind The Scenes Of Batman v Superman: Ben Affleck On Zack Snyder's Talent

After a couple of weeks of filming on location, the cast and crew of Batman v Superman were back at the studio Friday. Cinematographer Larry Fong posted this photo from there, with director Zack Snyder providing the commentary:

CruelFilms: "What's right below this some Batman versus Superman." 

Too bad we can't see A THING. Thanks for the teaser you guys. While production continued in Michigan, Ben Affleck was busy this week promoting Gone Girl. He had THE BEST interview with The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, and during the press junket he talked about Zack Snyder's behind the scenes process while filming Batman v Superman. And yes, Ben was giving us his intimidating Batman at Comic-Con.

Per Inquirer:

At Comic-Con in San Diego, you looked very stern.

That’s my stern Batman look (laughs).

How grim is shooting “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?”

“Batman” has a great script. It has a very talented director (Zack Snyder), a really strong, smart, robust and experienced studio behind it, so it’s very exciting.

Zack is always such a ball of energy. What is it like working with him?

Zack has more energy than anybody I know. He works as hard as anybody. He’s in the gym in the morning and storyboards every single shot, which is a huge amount of work. So everybody knows what’s going on. He’s got enormous visual talent. I stand there and he sets up shots. We do the blocking and…I see a shot from Zack and I think, I never would have thought of that.

He is so visually inventive so that’s quite pleasant. Action movies take a lot of days and involve a lot of stunts and visual effects—that combination and the story has its own challenges but I’m enjoying it.

What I’ve learned from Zack in the movie are the cutting-edge visual effects—what we’re able to do now and how you integrate that into a story. He’s very gifted.

Way to get us more excited.. if that's even possible! - as for his physical transformation, Ben's wife Jen Garner says it's like she's having an affair.

But as buff as Batman gets, this is his reality (again, pointed out by Jon Stewart).

Have a SUPER weekend everyone!

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  1. Great interviews, especially the one with Jon Stewart. Wish he commented on working with Henry and Amy, though.


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