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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Mexico Standing In For Africa? Casting Call Points To Yes!

UPDATE 10/15: KOAT TV confirms Batman v Superman will be filming in New Mexico:

Sets are being built for “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” in southwestern New Mexico, near Deming, according to sources. Filming is slated to start in the Playas area in November.

The always crafty @Bananadoc, has found a listing for a possible casting call for Batman v Superman posted on the New Mexico Film Office website.

Read the details below or at the site. The studio is looking for families to re-create an African village scene in mid November.

The Deming, New Mexico area (which is near White Sands National Monument & not too far from Holloman AFB) can easily pass as Africa, which was mentioned as a location by Warner Brothers when filming began earlier this year in Detroit. It could also just be an additional shoot. But again we don't have any confirmation the movie they are casting for is indeed Batman v Superman. If it is though, it looks like filming will happen right after the cast and crew finish up in Illinois. Stay tuned!


  1. I think I should try to get an Extra part...just so I can say Hi to Henry... :D <3
    Thanks for the update BananaDoc & HCN (y) :)

  2. This is near me!!! (El Paso) When I saw the pic, I knew it was the "City of Rocks" area of/near Deming. Please, please, PLEASE!!! :-)

  3. Original source credit? http://www.oneheadlightink.com/sindication/2014/09/24/holy-batman-v-superman-new-mexico/

  4. Oh my goodness...Hmmm...I don't know if I would necessarily need to exactly be "IN" the movie per se...but perhaps be just more like one of the people who holds Clark's Water Bottle on the sidelines while he's doing Investigative Journalism...i.e. if he's doing an African Report on Cannibalism and how the Energy/Effects of it migrate worldwide affecting the mood of Various Cultures--even traveling clear over to Metropolis through vibrational frequencies via Weather Patterns due to Climate Change or something...Idk...Interesting update though... (y)

  5. Probably filming in NY instead of Africa because of the Ebola spread

  6. Great your blog and fantastic pictures.I know that Various websites have reported that New Mexico was decided to remain in for Africa due to Ebola concerns. On the other hand, a state film industry source told KRQE News 13 that is essentially not genuine and that the generation referenced in the throwing call did not come here in light of the lethal infection. Thanks all!!


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