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Friday, October 17, 2014

Henry's Heartfelt Message For Durrell, After Loss Of Orangutan

As Batman v Superman gets closer to a wrap, Henry has been very busy on the sets of the film. But when he learned of the death of Gina the orangutan at Durrell Wildlife Park, he reached out via cavillconservation.com with a heartfelt message for her caretakers:

Firstly, I think it proper to have a moment of mourning for Gina. She clearly enriched the lives of those around her and she will be missed. Secondly however, I believe it shows exactly why we’re supporting Durrell and shows exactly why what they do is invaluable.

Images: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Read the rest of Henry's message at cavillconservation.com, and learn more about Gina and what she meant to those who knew her.


  1. Sad...but lovely words from Henry & Durrell... <3 <3 <3
    Thanks for sharing, Everyone & HCN :)

  2. Beautiful words.....

    Some have commented elsewhere that these are not Henry's words----that they are some else's words because Henry is too busy filming BvS..

    I personally believe that these words are straight from Henry's heart...

    1. Of course it's him saying it. But you don't have to believe us -- just see Durrell's response when we mentioned Henry personally blogs on his conservation page. https://twitter.com/DurrellWildlife/status/523127650731429888

    2. Just to add a little more clarity to that: If Henry has time to take off from filming and fly across the world to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, we're pretty sure he can take some time to write his own words in support of a cause close to his heart. Go Henry!


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