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Monday, October 20, 2014

Final Countdown: The Gibraltar Rock Run Is Almost Here

This is it!

On Saturday Henry will take the next step in his commitment to support The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, by participating in the Gibraltar Rock Run. And it won't be an easy task to complete.

But he also won't be doing it alone. Henry is running with his brother, Lieutenant Colonel Nik Cavill. Just a few weeks ago, he mentioned what that will mean for him:

“I could not be happier to take part in the Gibraltar Rock Run with my brother and his fellow Royal Marines especially during such a momentous occasion. I will remember this day fondly."

The run is just one of the many events planned for this weekend in Gibraltar, as the UK celebrates the 350th anniversary of the formation of The Royal Marines. We will be there to bring you updates and we'll also be talking to Henry!

So if you have any questions about his participation in the run, or his work with The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, please leave them in the comments section.

And don't forget to keep cheering Henry on with your donations and messages on his official fundraising page. Help him reach his target! - Gibraltar, here we come.


  1. Ask him if he knows about the Ian Fleming connection with UNCLE (i.e. Fleming helped create the Solo character). As it stands now, he's the only actor to play both Bond (in a screen test) and Solo, the two spies named by Ian Fleming.

    1. A very good question. Does he still interested by the role of Bond ? ( I hope to ) Another question : will he be in England for Christmass ?

  2. Question for Henry: How have you altered your training for the Gibraltar Rock Run while still training for filming "Batman v Superman"?

  3. I registered for the race, but unfortunately, since I'm not a UK resident, I couldn't sponsor myself through fundraising (though I was under the impression I could), and I didn't have enough money to buy a plane ticket and get a hotel booked. So totally bummed, but I'm very excited about Henry going out and doing this run, as well as the other runners in support of the service the Royal Marines have done.

    Now on the questions:

    1. Did Mr. Henry Cavill have to go through any more (or different) fitness training for the run? I saw the running course, and I had to reconfigure a completely new, rigorous workout regime. That rock looks intense!

    2. How does he feel about the history of the Royal Marines/Great Britain with Gibraltar, considering how Gibraltar became under UK influence, and the struggles between the UK and Spain to claim territorial ownership?

    3. Is this run his first official run? Has he done any runs longer than a 5K? Is he expecting to do any longer runs?

    4. What does the 350th anniversary mean for him, his brother, and his family?

    5. As a spokesperson for the RMCTF, what and where does he expect the funds to go towards? What areas does he see that as a sponsor for the RMCTF needs to be addressed to better aid and serve those who are current and veteran Royal Marines?

    6. Does he feel as if the services of not only the Royal Marines, but other sectors of the military are not justly recognized, are taken for granted, by the general public? As a spokesperson, what does he think he can do to change mentalities and perceptions?

    Again, good luck on the race to him, his brother, and everyone else participating!

  4. Would he like to participate in the Rock Run next years to come? As the "younger brother" too, as a break, without any mega-film promotion? I wonder why he has so loyal fans. :D

  5. Is his dog's name really Kal?
    Has his family come to visit while he filming BvS?

  6. How does Henry like his STEAK? Rare...Med. Rare, Med., Well Done, Etc...

  7. Is he trying to meet a certain goal on this run (timing)...or just to beat his brother? ;-)

  8. Oh, yes. You have to interview to Nik too! If you can, ask Nik which good from Henry MIGHT be the best one to auction, and what that money MIGHT be for, to RMCTF? ;-)

  9. I would like to do this RMCTF Gibraltar Rock Run with Cav-El too...but the concern is that it would change the event entirely...either slowing Him down or speeding him up with the News Team covering it saying, "Who is that girl who keeps touching his butt?!" It wouldn't be fair to Nik who might feel compelled to slow down/speed up too...just to keep an eye on it.

    In other words, the two Bros need to be able to go at a nice relaxed pace...and enjoy the Journey without any unnecessary distractions. But I'll be there in Spirit... :D <3 (y)

    My questions to ask Henry & Nik after they reach the Top and Finish:

    How do you feel right now? & Would you do it again? :D

  10. What time do you think you'll do Henry?

  11. If you catch up to him before the race, ask him who he thinks will have the better time getting to the top..him or his brother. Also, was it difficult to fit in training for the Run with his BvS shooting schedule?

  12. Please ask Henry if he has ever been to South Africa? When BvS premieres in 2016 would he not consider that South Africa be added as one of the countries he visits for its opening? We love him here too and would love him to see our beautiful country. Wish him good luck for the run and tell him when the going gets tough - just jump on Nik's back!

  13. Henry used to play rugby. Please ask what position he used to play? My guess is fullback?????

  14. Can you please ask him the following:
    What is his favorite play?
    Would he like to perform on stage and which play or musical?
    Would he like to perform in a Shakespearean play and which one?
    Is there a villain, he would like to portray?
    Does he have time to read? If he does, what were the last 5 books he read?

  15. That rock looks just like the rock in Nagrand in WoW. Not a question. Just saying...what is your favorite season? There. Question-and does he know that the rock of Gibraltar looks like the rock in Nagrand in WoW? : )

  16. Did Mr. Cavill experience any instances where he stumbled over Affleck's ego??

  17. Maybe you are flying very much to participate in this run. Sure you had to schedule your agenda very much. You had to train differently to do this run. And so on, everything seems an extra-effort. The question is: do you still say you are flesh and bones? Nooo, the real question is: do you hear me when I tell you to keep sane and safe?! :D :D (y) ... (the parenthood in me).

  18. Hi, good afternoon, I would like you to tell Henry Cavill, that in Brazil he has many fans eager for a visit. ask him if he has the desire to come to Brazil and if the answer is yes, if we can wait for him soon !!!!! Lucky for Henry and his brother in this challenge !!! Henry I love you !!!!!!


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