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Friday, October 17, 2014

Batman v Superman: Illinois Dates & Locations Revealed

Image: @bananadoc, Daily Mail

It's almost time Illinois!

A few weeks ago we learned Batman v Superman will be filming in Chicago for a few days in early November, before moving on to "surrounding areas." Now Reel Chicago has the locations and dates: 

“Batman vs. Superman” moves after months in the Motor City to the Windy City and opens an office at Cinespace next week. Shooting starts Nov. 3-14. Scheduled locations include the farm house in Plainfield, the subway and the “Daily Planet” atrium at Willis Tower. 

Willis Tower & its atrium

We're hoping to bring you plenty of coverage out of Illinois, just like when Man of Steel was there. Only this time, Batman will be with him. The next stop will then be southern New Mexico, where the studio is busy building an awesome set in the middle of the desertBatman v Superman on its final production stretch, here we go!


  1. This is so awesome, I'm sooo excited! Thanks so much for the updates HCN:)

  2. This is great hope to see a lot of the Daily Planet crew particularly Lois and Clark.

  3. what about the big military scene at the studios in pontiac? any word?

    1. I've heard reports it will be filmed tomorrow and then that's it for the Detroit leg of the production.

    2. Our understanding is that they are still filming in MI through at least the 29th. Then they'll head to Chicago.


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