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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Federica Makes Us All Jealous This Valentine's Day Weekend

"Superman pick me up"

So, this happened to Federica Amati (fedeamati) 142 weeks ago.. we don't think we would have recovered. She just tagged the pic taken it looks like around the same time as the Love Brunch in London, which Henry attended with friends back in May of 2012. Check him out at the :42 mark and in a few more pics from the event. Good times!

Thanks for sharing, Federica. Perfect end to the Valentine's Day weekend! 


  1. Replies
    1. lol , don't hold back say it as it is "I hate her "
      Happier times for Henry and the smile is a killer.
      You are loved Henry xx

  2. :D well not really obvy but i ( and sure many of us) wish i was her right then.

  3. Very lucky lady. I know she will never forget that moment

  4. Fun and lovely pics and video clips. Thanks so much for sharing, Henry, Federica & Friends & HCN (y) :) <3

  5. I love the photos of that day. I love when he has eyes sparkling, when he has drunk a little too much ;-) To be carried in Henry's arms !!! This girl is a lucky lucky lucky girl

  6. That event looks a little bit basic. Lots of pretty shiny people rubbing up against each other, I suppose.

  7. I'd rub up against Henry...with no problem...(y) :D <3


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