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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Zack Snyder Shares Set Pic, Superman Hands Luke A Defeat

Wait.. WHAT? -- How in the world did we miss this new behind the scenes Batman v Superman set pic shared by director Zack Snyder and photographer Clay Enos?!.. OH, RIGHT.

That Detroit set pic Zack shared on Instagram does seem very familiar.. #batcave

With the release of Jupiter Ascending just a few days away and no official word on a possible Batman v Superman trailer attached to it, we're thinking it's not happening (as predicted). That doesn't mean we're not tunnel-visioned about it.

We got blocked for that RT by the way. Promise, we don't bite. But seriously Warner Brothers..

Finally, who would have thought we'd live to see the day, when "Super Jedi" (yes, we know he's really a Sith) would kick Luke's ass in a new online fan poll.
As if we didn't already picture Henry in EVERY Star Wars film, since Zack released that awesome photo during Comic-Con last year. Thanks for the validation internet, are you listening J.J. Abrams? ;)

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