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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

And The "Best Beard" Goes To..

Another awards season has come and gone, and there is a clear winner in the best beard category!

Henry's facial hair has been creating plenty of buzz lately, and BuzzFeed just gave him the number one spot on its "21 Most Important Beards To Walk The Red Carpet This Year."

1. The twigs and leaves that have found their home on Henry Cavill’s beautiful chin.

You guys have been very vocal as well, sharing your thoughts on Henry's beard. So which one was your favorite red carpet look?

 You know you want to tell us!

We are guessing the beard could be for Stratton, as Henry prepares to play a Special Boat Service operative in the film. But then again, we thought the same thing when he grew his Super beard in Detroit.. and it looks like that was not for Batman v Superman. Either way, we think he looks amazing in it, and clearly the internet agrees!


  1. Out of these pictures, the one with the gray suit. All time favorite beard was the premiere of the Immortals. That's when I thought he looked the best.

  2. BAFTA tea party in LA is the best beard by far , not too big and well kept . But overall Henry always looks sexy ;) xx mims

  3. Henry doesn't have to say a word!!! Just looking at his face with that beard �� say's it all...������ J.O

  4. It's getting a bit too long...

  5. I love the timber man look:P and as always the best man in a suit hands down....yum xoxoxo

  6. Henry looks very handsome in all the photos...Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Henry & HCN (y) :) <3

  7. Ah..... Quel bel homme!!!


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