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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Henry Cavill Looking Sharp In His Tux At The BAFTA Awards

BAFTA: "Henry Cavill’s having a super time."

We thought Henry's tuxedo at the BAFTA Film Gala killed it, turns out he was saving the best for last! -- He oozed class and sophistication, as he arrived on the awards red carpet wearing this sexy number. Yes, even hotter than the pre-BAFTA party suit!

BuzzFeed: "And there’s Henry Cavill whose beard is the most beautiful sight you will ever see."

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The international crowd was loving him as well!

Thanks to one of our readers, for pointing out that Allen was on The Tudors with Henry, and they go way back! -- Hopefully they reconnected at the show.

Selfie time! via AnaBiebsmiler, @sanbabymaybe, @guiseofcandles

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eizzom: "Hotness at its peak" 

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ledamarilia: "I don't care how bad the photo looks, Henry Cavill can still be gorgeous in it." 

jminior: "Did I mention I got Henry Cavill's autograph?! He's really charming, and beard-y."

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scarletteliz: "Henry Cavill looking gorgeous (and yes he looks even more perfect in person)."

HQ pics

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"Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War may be the two big superhero releases of 2016, but any DC vs Marvel rivalry was put aside as Henry Cavill and Chris Evans kick-started a cross-the-streams geektastic bromance."


"If Henry Cavill and Chris Evans were trying to give us powerful yearnings for a Man of Steel-meets-Captain America movie. then congratulations, gentlemen: You’ve succeeded, and then some."

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"Proving that they’ve truly traversed from east London affectation to major league accessory, a proper beard circumnavigated the face of nearly every man on the red carpet. Chris Evans: neat and dreamily Satanic. Steve Carrell: Preppy, salty and peppery. James McAvoy: Swatchbook for autumnal sofa range. Sam Claflin: Bumfluff rex. Ethan Hawke and Jack O’Connell: get their goatee. Henry Cavill: Lovely, dark and deep. All it needs is Cumberbatch and Redmayne to play a pair of gold prospectors and we’ll have truly reached peak beard."

Backstage with the winner.. 

Superman... ;)

"At the BAFTAs Chris Evans and Henry Cavill presented Julianne Moore with the Best Actress award. Two handsome men of the superhero persuasion stood next to each other, and the internet collectively lost its sh*t. It’s understandable—they’re both really, really, really ridiculously good-looking, though Beardy Chris Evans is working the facial hair better than Cavill. Although I’m pretty sure Cavill with a thick and luxurious beard is inspiring some bear fantasies of his own. And between them is Moore and her gorgeous red Tom Ford dress. A redhead wearing red! She looks amazing.

The BAFTAs have a bit of sly that the Oscars are missing, and clearly someone somewhere knew what they were doing when they put Cavill and Evans on a dance card together. They’re the faces of two highly anticipated movies—which aren’t even coming out this year (maybe) and are still dominating the pop culture conversation—and they’ve been pitted against each other already, with Captain America coming out the winner in the release-date pissing contest. Now that they won’t be going head to head for an audience, the remaining question is who ends up making more money in 2016: Captain America: Civil War orSuperhero Face Punch? The value of watching Batman and Superman punch each other in the face cannot be underestimated, especially with Wonder Woman on the hook, too. But people actually care about Captain America and Iron Man, so the stakes of Civil War are much higher for the audience. It’s going to be a dirty back alley fight at the box office next year."

Henry at the official BAFTA awards after party, at The Grosvenor House Hotel 

Henry shares a moment with his Immortals costar and friend, Luke Evans

Henry with Josh Berger at Harvey Weinstein's BAFTA after party hosted By GREY GOOSE 

More to come...

Credits: @SeenitUK /rooblaofficial/Mckiddohfan


  1. mind blown; swwwwoonn indeed!

  2. I need to fix his ........ bow x

  3. What does the EE mean in front of BAFTA? Thank you for all these pictures! It's so exciting to see pictures that are just hours old!

  4. And he knows how to hold a champagne flute!

  5. Hey HCN you might want to add this: Allen Leech also starred in The Tudors. I bet those two have known each other quite a long while.

    1. Will do, thank you! -- Such an exciting night.

  6. Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures and video of Henry. Not to mention the photos of Henry and Chris Evans.

  7. I love the picture where HC is peeking down at Julianne's rear end. little stinker :)

  8. Henry est plus attendrissant que jamais avec son noeud papillon de travers!! il est trop trop mignon et terriblement sexy!!

  9. Waiting for the day Henry gets his own award , as he truly is a good actor. He just needs to get the right role. Fingers crossed xx

    1. We couldn't agree more. It's just a matter of time!

  10. I am literally speechless! Henry is so handsome that it hurts! All the best in his career!


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