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Monday, February 2, 2015

New Pic: We Think Someone May Soon Be London Bound!

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"I just helped Henry Cavill with his luggage today. That makes me like, super Superman"   

Carlos (kouki_monster_sw20) met Henry today, and we're thinking he may be headed to London soon!

Henry is confirmed to attend the BAFTA Film Gala dinner on Thursday, and there may be other potential appearances in store. 

Two things we noticed right away in this new picture.. the Superman beard is back! 

And the second thing, also caught your attention..

Henry once again wore his RMCTF hoodie today. A very cool way to represent the charity, as he nears his fundraising goal. 

Henry wore it last time he passed through LAX a few weeks ago, and as the charity tweeted, you can own it too!

Look for full coverage as Henry hits London for BAFTA awards week. We are ready to go!


  1. This guy is in LA so he may be making a pitstop before heading to London. I think he works at a hotel. He did have Kal with him. And Henry's a good tipper. And a "nice and humble guy". :)

  2. Didn't Henry buy a home in the LA area? Wonder why he would be staying in a hotel if he did.

  3. Maybe cause it's let out and he had no choice but to book into a hotel, make sense to rent it out if your hardly living there. That's what I would do anyway if I was him .
    Glad his coming back home to England, his fans here have missed him xx


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