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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Durrell Challenge: Enter To Win Henry's First Car

Don’t miss the chance to win Henry’s first car! 

Henry has generously donated his Peugeot 206 Grand Tourism 3 door hatch back, which you can win in a raffle – it was his pride and joy when he bought it in 2002. The raffle will be drawn on 15th May during The Durrell Challenge 2016.

Raffle tickets can be bought at Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey, or by contacting Theresa Crehan-Ferey on +44 1534 860029.  Make sure to get some tickets for the chance of becoming the proud owner of Superman’s very first car! 


  1. So this was a car he bought when he was about 16 years old!?

  2. Peugeot was my first car too!


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