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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Batman vs. Superman: Ben and Henry Bringing The Big Guns

Yes, yes Ben, we see your “tired and weary and seasoned” Batman muscles. All lies of course, since what we hear you're REALLY doing, is preparing to give our Supes a kryptonite-powered beating. Ben was spotted in L.A. Tuesday, with filming on Batman vs. Superman expected to begin any day now in Detroit. Here are the rest of the pics of a buff Batman. Nice try, but good luck sizing up to Superman's guns..

(We know these are from Henry's Man of Steel days. He's BIGGER now).  

If you're feeling #SadBatman today, do yourself a favor and check out the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter. We can guarantee, it will have you smiling in no time.

As for what color the suit will be, Screenrant has a pretty cool breakdown of the possible choices, our personal favorite?..   

source: unknown

Hey don't blame us, blame the Internet. You know we love you right Ben?.. just not as much as Henry. Let's get this film going!


  1. I never understood the whole wet t-shirt thing...until I saw the second photo above. Just breathtakingly delish.

  2. Dido, excuse me while I get a towel or 2, to soak up my drule....:P

  3. As soon as I seen Ben in the suit I said Henry and Ben are the BUFFEST heroes! Eat your heart out THOR! .. No CGI here HULK! boom yeah! that's how it's suppose to be done!

    1. ummm chris hemsworth did not use cgi!!! wth are u talkin about lol

    2. I think she is referring to hulk needing cgi, not Chris Hemsworth.

  4. Ben and Henry both look Awesome... (y) <3
    Thanks HCN! :)
    Love Cav-El <3 <3 <3

  5. Hi, I've been checking this blog since i don't know when in order to get MoS updates. I understand that this is a blog dedicated to Henry Cavill, but I think its a bit disrespectful to post up pictures of Ben/Batman, after all he'd be joining our dear Henry in the baddest movie yet to come. I know the internet will always be the internet... So yeah, I just wanted to say that.


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