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Friday, May 2, 2014

Ladies & Gentleman, We Present To You: Superman!

People (including us) sometimes like to complain about paparazzi pictures, but when Henry arrived in L.A. earlier this week, we were kind of bummed there were no photogs there to capture the HOT moments. TMZ was there to bring us a first glimpse of Henry sporting his Superman look again. And yes, we've watched the video like a 100 times now. But nothing like a great picture to capture the Man of Steel in all his greatness. Enter Taha Esa who today shared this pic, adding that he flew in with Henry from Detroit and even chatted with him for ten minutes. TEN MINUTES OF PURE HEAVEN WE BET. If this picture doesn't spell SUPERMAN to you, don't know what will. Rest up this pre-Henry birthday weekend everyone, because Monday we're having a twitter PARTEE for our favorite superhero!     


  1. Replies
    1. His arms and shoulders look huge. Nice job training!
      So handsome too...

  2. 10 minutes...that's cool :/

    If I didn't think he was so good looking I probably could too; however, my ovaries would just self-combust at his sight, which would then cause a hormonal imbalance, which would lead to me feeling like a teenager all over again and I'd just be unlikely to carry an intelligent conversation <...sigh...>

    1. LOL same here. I'd probably hold his hands, weeping at his beauty :D :D

  3. Teenager is old enough. I would go back to toddler ages! :D


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