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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hello Man of Steel: Henry Hangs Out With Fans In Detroit

Sarah (Smosseller on IG) met Henry in Detroit last night and had this to say: "Oh you know, just hanging out in Detroit... WITH SUPERMAN! #Superman #GeekingOut

And the pics kept coming!

We LOVE Jamma's pic. Not jealous. Not at all. To which she replied..

Shelby Stout impressed us with the "S" on his chest. Now that's a true fan! and you agreed with us.

tfernandez21 also met Henry, adding:

The wife and I ran into Superman last night. He was cool as hell. Im a bigger fan now.#Superman #ManofSteel

His wife @anaidgmc, shared the full photo in black and white. She had this to say:

What a great surprise last night can't believe I met Henry Cavill he was so sweet, he even took a pic of my husband and I with his phone, thank you superman you rock #henrycavill #superman#awesome

But this is by far our favorite pic of the night, we are SO GLAD to see these two reconnected: the napkin misunderstanding guy! - @AndreaMM who was also there the last time, snapped this awesome photo and the one below.

And of course all of you guys noticed this..

And this..

Tania got to drive Henry that night. Lucky! (image: via Motor City Limo FB page).

Thanks for sharing everyone. Just this week we got confirmation that Batman v Superman has begun filming in Detroit, but we have yet to see Superman on set. Stay tuned for updates!


  1. I Love Henry...So Beautiful. <3 <3 <3 Thank you, Henry, Fans & HCN. :) (y) <3

  2. Bless such a gent

  3. All these pics are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing, everyone involved. :)
    btw...this one two is really something too:
    @ItsAaronMould: My Half Sleeve Superman Tattoo pic.twitter.com/3C2biwTO3k Awesome!

    <3 <3 <3 That is Awesome, Aaron..,and Shelby--with Superman tattoo on his chest too. :) (y) <3
    What always impresses me is how much the people love Cav-El...and it's understandable...he's a real Sweetheart to everyone...(unless your name is "Batman"--then it's a different story ;) :D.


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