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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Pic From Detroit: The Legendary Lives!

First thing we noticed in this new pic reportedly taken in Detroit last week was OF COURSE the sexy cuuuuuurls! -- next thing? the Legendary LIVES. It's no secret around these parts how much we love seeing Henry wear his studio swag. In fact we were pretty shattered, when news broke that Legendary and Warner Bros. were parting ways last year. So you can probably understand (or not) our excitement at seeing Henry wear that sweatshirt with the Legendary logo.

Just this past weekend Crave Online got a chance to chat with Legendary Films’ CEO Thomas Tull. Guess who he mentioned as he looked back at last year's turn of events..

Since you worked on Man of Steel, do you get to work on Batman Vs. Superman too?

No, sadly our 10 year run with Warner Brothers and being in the Batman/Superman business has concluded, so we moved over to Universal/Comcast and I will be there as an ardent supporter of Zack and Henry and everybody opening weekend.

Man, he clearly likes those two. More the reason, why it's nice to see Henry proudly displaying the Legendary logo.

Anyway, back to the fan encounter. Jordan reportedly first saw Henry at the Detroit store where he works late last week (guess he had just returned from CA).

"I turned around and he was next and I just froze there for a second. lol" 

When he saw him again, he didn't miss the opportunity to ask him for a pic:

"HE CAME BACK!! HENRY CAVILL I got a picture with super man this time: ))"

That's Henry, always taking time for a fan picture. Now to the PSA: We would love to link back to the fan who posted this amazing story, but unfortunately lately many of these encounters are being shared online without a link back to the source. It's a shame because those fans, like Jordan, deserve to hear that you loved their pic. That this photo made your day. They certainly deserve the praise, because.. cuuuuurls!

In the meantime, you don't credit - we don't credit you. It's not just us saying it by the way, check out what "source cops" (named accordingly) have to say about proper sourcing:


This is going to be a short one. A source is any kind of link or reference that can directly lead someone to the original upload/publication and/or author of something.

Like that post, you can find many more stating the same. There is no excuse for not linking back. Yeah, we're kind of "via" defenders like that. Quoting Steve Weintraub over at Collider:


  1. LOVE those curls!!! And LOVE Henry!

  2. Love that he rocks the legendary logo! I'm hoping filming starts soon, even better if the delays don't take 24 months, way to long of a wait. Keep up the updates, really appreciate the fan photos and the great photo shoots of Henry-sweet:)

    1. It doesn't matter when filming starts. The delays aren't taking 24 months - the studio has already booked the release date for May 2016.

  3. Henry IS Legendary... <3 <3 <3

  4. It's his birthday and he makes us a gift: his sexy curls and a nice sweatshirt. Honestly, he is amazing. I love him <3

  5. Man, need to find out which grocery store this is so I can start shopping there:)

  6. Lmao! Seriously, love the curls! Would not mind getting tangled up in that.....:P

  7. Concordo, o Henry sequer ao brasil veio, o brasil dá uma excelente bilheteria, o velozes e furiosos perdeu colocando ela no filme, péssima!!!

  8. Thank you for always trying to use your sources. It forces your team to go the "extra mile," but in journalism, you should always cite your sources. It is always cool to see how excited people are to meet Henry, share their stories, and thankful that you gave them the proper acknowledgement. Lois Lane and Clark Kent would be proud that you are being "responsible journalists!" :-)

    1. Thanks Jenny. We feel very strongly about that and will keep pushing for it. Those fans deserve the credit, not just a mention without a link. We can understand once in a while there will be a proper source missing, but when it's a daily occurrence, it's just not fair to those fans. Plus like you said, without a link you're left without a way to confirm that the info/pics/facts are correct. Appreciate the support.

  9. I love Legendary as much as the next person but, geez, he'll look fine in whatever swag from whichever production company is filling that spot.


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