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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LAX Encounter Details: Henry "Definitely Loves His Fans"

We have an update on this awesome photo shared by Taha Esa, after he met Henry at LAX earlier this month. He was out of the country and is just now responding to the fan reaction to the pic. He said he intro'd by saying: "Hey Clark! put my glasses on before anyone recognizes you! and he (Henry) laughed hysterically!" -- he mentioned that the ten minutes he chatted with him "felt more like 15" (us: HEAVEN). He also said "Henry is a great listener and talker and definitely loves his fans," adding: "What's cool is that he asked me if I wanted to take a pic with HIM. soo chill." 

Seriously, nothing but deep respect for Henry when we hear these stories. Here's more:
And guess what?.. HE TOOK EIGHT PICS. Here's a new one he just shared with this caption.

When we asked if he could share the rest, he had this to say..
Oh, but they're not the same, NEVER enough of a smiling Henry. Taha Esa promised to share more of his encounter with us, so stay tuned for that. We're just happy to hear the great response from everyone who meets Henry.

UPDATE - Read the full account:

I first saw him in my connecting flight from Detroit to LAX. Since it was hot in Detroit, he was not actually wearing the jacket that he has in the photo we took. He was wearing a light blue collared t-shirt and yes people, it was very TIGHT. I noticed him because he was the only guy getting on my flight that looked as though his muscles were suffocating through his clothing haha! He was talking to one or two other people and when I saw his face I immediately recognized him. The flight was a Boeing 767 so there were two lanes that lead to the seats inside the plane. I was hoping that when I boarded I could pass him by, but to my ironic luck, he was in the far right corner of first class. I was walking down the left lane and spotted him from afar. I also noticed that he was reading a book. If my memory serves me right, it looked like one of the books from the series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin, but I could be wrong. Although, it would be pretty awesome if Henry Cavill was a Game of Thrones fan hahaha!

I was sitting in the back of the plane and I posted on my Facebook about how superman is on my flight. Immediately, my friends began texting me and telling me to talk to him and take a picture with him. I just told them that it most likely won’t happen at all. In fact, I didn’t even expect to meet the Man of Steel under any circumstances. However, after being pushed by my friend, Ebony, and my sister, Sania, I finally told them I’ll try my best but most likely nothing will happen. At that moment I just prayed for my health and safety but I made an additional prayer lol. I told God that if he can get me to meet Superman, I will be happy and grateful, and if he didn’t I’ll still be happy and grateful for everything I have in my life.

When the plane landed I tried to rush out as soon as possible. Obviously Mr. Cavill was already off the plane but I noticed the seat where he was sitting had a BUNCH of water bottles around it. Anyways, I ran out of the flight and took a shortcut through the terminal. When I got to the baggage claim there were not that many people in the area and to my slight disappointment Mr. Cavill was nowhere to be found. I thought to myself that it was a domestic flight and he most likely didn’t check any bags. Before I could think any further, I saw him walking out of the terminal with a chaperon and I was just staring at him like a creep lol.

He was standing in front of the baggage claim belt and I didn’t want to just approach him like any other fan wanting to take a picture. I was trembling a bit and had my glasses in hand. I looked down at my glasses and had an idea as I approached him from his left,

“Psst! Clark! Quickly! Put these on before anyone recognizes you!”

To which he laughed hysterically. He then asked me if I would like to take a picture with him and I told him that I don’t want to take too much of his time,

“No, no, it’s completely alright, mate!” his English accent wasn’t too thick but easily noticeable.

In any case, I took a few photos with him and we chatted for a bit. We talked about the last movie he was in, what it means to be Superman, what it means to be an actor, and acting in general. I told him that I do some acting myself, that I know how hard it is to become a completely different character, and that I have a ton of respect for him after the last Superman movie. I also apologized to him because when he was first cast as Superman, I thought he wasn’t going to do a good job but I was totally wrong. He put his hand on my shoulder and was very understanding as he told me that it’s completely normal to think that way.

Essentially, our conversation didn’t feel like one between a celebrity and a fan. It just felt like a discussion between two young men who have intense respect, passion, and love for acting. He enjoyed my sense of humor and respected my views. In addition to all of this, I noticed that his attention was nowhere else. He was making eye contact the whole time and not once was he distracted. Just goes to show that he’s a good listener. My sister says he would be the perfect boyfriend after I told her about that haha! In any case, I could tell he wasn’t too bored with me and that he appreciated being able to talk to someone like a human being rather than an iconic celebrity. I thought it would be a bit annoying to him if I asked him about the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie so I didn’t.

After what felt like a long conversation, I thought that I was taking up too much of his time so I told him, “Well, Thank you for your time Mr. Cavill. Sorry again if I was taking up too much of it”. He shook my hand and said “Not a problem at all. I enjoyed talking with you. Have a great night my friend!”

I am indeed a fan of Henry Cavill, but now I am an even bigger fan of Henry: a man who is respectable in the sense of being a person, not just an actor. Definitely a night to remember and I really hope I get to meet that guy again someday, J.

Here are more pics!

What do we always tell you: Henry Cavill  is a true Superman. Thanks so much for sharing Taha.


  1. "If you see him, definitily meet him". Is this a responsable advice, man? Hummm, maybe in a "hermetic and controled plane"; but not sure if this would work in open air, were you can scream like a heart-hurted cat, just an example, and everybody hear you, some look at you with those faces... and you feel embarrased and embarrasing, and so on.

  2. I woulda sat down right next to him...and rode the plane with one hand holding his Fire & Ice Book for him. He's so g.d friendly (And Mile High Club material too)...LOVE HENRY... <3 <3 <3

    Thanks for sharing TaHa Esa & HCN (y) :) <3

    1. I would like to make out with Henry on the plane too...
      Btw...did Anyone else notice the gal doin' a casual drive by in the background in these pics? 8-) (y)
      I think Henry is LOL at the camera man a lil bit in a few of these pics... <3 <3 <3

  3. Wooowww you are so lucky. I wish I was standing in your shoes that day. But I think that will never happend because I live in Europe. Nice off you to share it with all Henry's fans. Now I even love him more!!

  4. I actually believe all of the fan accounts that claim HC is as genuinely beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside, and it's wonderful to know that he 'definitely' loves his fans, because I'm sure that his fans 'definitely' LOVE him too :)

    1. Amen...I would 'definitely' tell him A Joke...just to hear him LAUGH... <3 <3 <3


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