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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Fan Shares His Photo With Henry & Gina

Olaf_at_Tokyo_Disneyland (IG) just shared his pic with Henry and Gina Carano. He met them when they visited Japan last spring, as Henry started the promotion for Man of Steel. Thanks for sharing!


  1. Gina looks gorgeous. She is a part of Henry's life--just sayin'

  2. Gina is a beautiful woman. Give Henry the respect he deserves for knowing who is the right fit for him.

  3. Be nice and be happy for this nice couple!

  4. I think it's cute and adorable how they always seem to be together whenever fans come across them. And Henry is just AWEFGYUIOLKJHGHJ! :D Can't even describe all these feels.

  5. What a good looking couple. Can you imagine their babies?!!! They'd be too beautiful!

  6. Oh the haters are having a major meltdown about Henry and Gina's relationship----
    Gina is a beauty--inside and out--
    Hopefully the haters will move on and fangirl another celebrity..


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