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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Batman v Superman: Smith Says It Kicks Off "Massive" Justice League Storyline

Image: @jock4twenty

It's not news some of you Man of Steel fans want to hear, but very exciting nonetheless. As you know Kevin Smith has been dropping hints about the Man of Steel sequel (he was the first one to tell us about the batsuit). Now in his latest podcast, he talked about a Justice League storyline that stretches beyond Batman v Superman and the initial JL:

“They’re obviously beginning something, and there’s a stretch of these flicks. And so this is the beginning of the Justice League, as we all suspected as they were announcing that cast. We were like, ‘This is the beginning of a Justice League movie.’ From what I understand now, it’s no longer like, ‘This is Superman 2.’ They’re not doing these things. They’re doing like, ‘Here’s Man of Steel. Here’s Batman/Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ The next one is not like a sequel to one of the characters. They’re just going to keep building their universe for about five or six movies. But all of them, it’s supposed to tell one massive story, which is all Justice League oriented."

Screenrant has more on what that could mean for Man of Steel. The article is a must read.

We also have an update from Detroit via MLive's Eric Lacy. He talked to an official who shared some location details involving Batman v Superman. Check out the entire Q&A at MLive.

Filming on Batman v Superman is underway in Detroit. We're bringing you the latest as we get it.


  1. Cav-El <3 <3 <3

  2. Way too many rumors and speculations. We need to wait SDCC for any official news.

  3. I love Kevin Smith....but I wish he'd shut the hell up. As far as I understand, his entire involvement in the DCU is...his friendship with Ben Affleck, right?

  4. I Love Henry <3 <3 <3

  5. So much fuss over every detail. All I care about is the final product in 2016. I was so impressed with MOS - it was about so much more than cool action scenes and special effects- and trust the next movies will be good too. The Superman Henry delivered was supersexy with a superheart, throw in there conflicting human emotions and aliens and I'm sold! It was SOLID entertainment (for this girl, at least). Henry was the ideal alien in MOS and gives us ladies (and some gentlemen) an ideal partner with integrity to boot to daydream about and hope for in a partner.

    There you go. That's why we love you Henry :)


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