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Monday, August 4, 2014

'Batman v Superman' Films In Downtown Detroit, More Comic-Con Goodness

Here they are. The first images from the downtown Detroit set of Batman v Superman today. The photos were captured by photographer Chris Gerard, who says that's all he could get before production blocked the view. Gerard lives near this film set, that was built over the past month

Images: @VickieThomasWWJ

Image: @iamcartwright

The tweets and pics started coming in, as soon as the cast and crew began to gather at that location this morning.  

And Ben Affleck was reportedly there (Abby clarified that she saw him as Bruce Wayne).

UPDATE: Here's a first look! via Samuel Otten (@ottensam)

He even shot some video (a little shaky, but we'll take it!)

On a side note, Latino Review explains why you won't be seeing any Metropolis damage from Darkseid until at least Justice League 2. Which hasn't even been announced. Read more.

While it should be a busy week for the Batman v Superman production, we don't expect any Superman sightings since Henry is now in London doing reshoots for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - We'll be keeping an eye on both London and Detroit, and bringing you the latest updates.

We had heard filming on Batman v Superman was headed to Chicago at the end of October for a few days, but now Screen magazine says it could be much longer than that:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice currently filming in Michigan, was initially expected to only pass through Illinois for four or five days, but now it's looking like the production might be setting up shop in the state for four or five weeks.

Illinois Film Office Director Betsy Steinberg added, “Batman and Superman have spent a lot of time in our great state and we are thrilled to host them again for as long as possible.”

Get ready to give Clark a big welcome home Illinois!

It's only been a week since Comic-Con 2014 wrapped in San Diego, and we're already counting down to what promises to be a HUGE feast for Batman v Superman fans come next year. We were there to bring you all the excitement (don't miss our Hall H exclusives) -- along with other bloggers including The Nerd Truth. They captured the brief appearance by the cast on stage from a different angle than ours. Check out that Superman swag... err, their pics.

Click for HQ

As for that now infamous 'Selfie of Justice' that Chris Hardwick took in Hall H, he tells Entertainment Weekly it was not THAT big of a deal:

''There were more selfies than last year. This selfie I took with part of the Justice League circulated quite a bit, but then I also got a selfie with the Avengers. I don't take sides.''

Just when we were starting to like Chris.. see you next year Comic-Con.


  1. Some exciting stuff going on...Love all the Pics. (y) <3
    Thanks for the updates, HCN. (y) :) <3
    Solo Cav-El <3 <3 <3

  2. I've had a hard time imagining Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne, but in a suit he absolutely looks the part.


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