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Friday, August 1, 2014

Flashback Friday: Jane & Rob Share Their Pic With Henry

janeowenpr: Superman Selfie #henrycavill #goodtimes

Jane took this photo with Henry at the Immortals premiere afterparty in LA, in November of 2011. Thanks for sharing -- You don't want to miss the rest of the pics from that day --> 1/2. 

Rob (modaonline_rob) also posted his pic today as part of Flashback Friday, captioning it: "Me and #superman himself #henrycavill shortly after filming wrapped on #manofsteel. 

There's that buzz cut you guys love! - Thanks for sharing your great pics with Henry everyone, keep them coming! 


  1. Well I live just down the road from where they're filming in Metamora and this past week they've had a lot of work trucks and beefed up security where for the last few months it was just one security person usually in an unmarked car so filming there should happen very soon

    1. You're lucky! - can you keep us posted on what's going on if you see anything and if you have photos to share? appreciate it. Hopefully you get to see some of the action and maybe the stars.

  2. I should go on a Nature Walk in Metapmora...just to see wth is going on...

    Lovely pic...I woulda asked Him if he'd like full body massage later to go with the Fan Photo and replay that one scene in Immortals (the one with Red Riding hood tending to him after he got his ass kicked)...but maybe spice it up a bit...add a lil paprika and Mrs. Dash to the Evening ...if you know what I mean...

    Thanks for sharing, Jane & HCN...love these Updates. (y) :) <3

  3. Yes I go by there on my way home from work 6 days a week so I'll let you know if and when anything changes

  4. Since this site is the only reason I even knew they were filming around the corner from me


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