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Sunday, August 3, 2014

That One Time, When Maddie Met Henry In Michigan..

He may be in London right now, but Henry has left plenty of fans waiting for him in Detroit. Maddie met him a few weeks ago (it looks like it was the same day he met these lucky people). Thank you for sharing! 

Contributor: @Ceciliagoff


  1. No one counted to three for Maddie!

  2. Awesome day for Maddie out at the Moosejay Parking Lot. What an Incredible Experience. Thanks so much for sharing this sensational Secret Summer Sale Pic, Henry, Maddie & HCN (y) <3 :D

    1. Me too...I always feel a lil bit high after looking at his Pics...

  3. Beautiful Thank you for sharing ! <3

  4. Where is the Secret Summer Sale on Henry Cavills? They'd be sold out in a minute!


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