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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

T-Shirt Love Part 2: Henry With Fans In Detroit

We knew there was a reason we're dreading the end of summer: #tshirtlove

The pics from Detroit keep coming in, and what can we say.. we're not complaining. These latest ones were shared by Michael LeCroy (@mikelecroy) and Cynthia Harris (@amaze3522)

You can see everything else from the weekend in these posts  1/2/3/4. 

Way to make your Detroit fans happy Henry! 


  1. Love these beautiful pics with my SuperLoveeCav-El. <3 <3 <3 He looks nice and relaxed...Mmmmm...Thanks for sharing Cynthia, Michael & HCN (y) :) <3

  2. Henry's diet must be more lax than I thought; so far we've seen him at places that serve burgers, pizza, and lots of beer. Not that it has any negative effects. He's a perfect 10: easy on the eyes, charming, breathtaking, hypnotic, irresistible, stunning, foxy, sexy, hot, banging, bewitching, captivating, drop dead gorgeous, fabulous, heart-stopping, luscious, ravishing, smokin', dreamy. And that's not because he's all buff, he qualified for all the above in the Cold Light of Day movie.

    1. We can tell you he's definitely bigger than last time, at least from what we can tell from the fan pics we've been posting since he started working out for the role last year. But also as told to us by someone who worked with him on the Batman v Superman set.

  3. I agree...But I would like to Cook for Him too though...maybe A Steak. It could be fixed Rare, Med. Rare, Med., Med. Well or Well Done--It's No Problem... (y) :D <3

  4. Turned on the radio last night and they were playing the theme song for (the original) Man of Uncle. I'm very much looking forward to the movie.


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