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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Exclusive: A Conversation With Henry's Trainer, Michael Blevins

Henry Cavill has worked hard to achieve his superhero body, and his trainer Michael Blevins has been right beside him since the very beginning. We caught up with Blevins, for an exclusive interview during a recent trip to LA. He talked to us about training Henry, the experience of participating in the Gibraltar Rock Run with him, and more.

Look for Part 2 (UPDATE: Watch it now) of our exclusive with Blevins coming up next week. He talks to us about switching gears, as Henry prepares for a very different kind of role.

In the meantime, make sure to keep up with his updates at gritandteeth.com. You can also follow him on twitter at @sworntoblack.       

Images: Steve Riparip, Warner Bros., R Chiang.


  1. Thank You HCN for this awesome interview , Thank You Michael Blevins for taking such great care of Henry and being an awesome friend

  2. Awesome Interview! It was great to realize that Henry is in fact human and had difficulties yet he overcame them. I always held the deepest respect for Henry but now it's on another level. He has inspired me greatly and I'm actually as equally impressed with Michael Blevins. Due to some negativity around him it definitely felt he wasn't genuine. Obviously due to your interview and hearing his words I truly feel he sincerely and genuinely cares for Henry and his well being. Congratulations on a great interview and can't wait for part 2.

    1. Negativity that wasn't/isn't deserved. Negativity created by people who don't know him and like to assume they know everything.

  3. Great interview! Thanks HCN!

  4. I can't wait for next week's exclusive!

  5. That's a nice interview. Some of my best friends are those I've met through work. Henry and Michael are no different.

    And running with all of that muscle could not have been fun. Ugh!

  6. Great interview, friend and trainer... :D (y) <3
    Especially enjoyed stories, pics and support for the Gibraltar Rock Climb...for Henry it was like going uphill with an extra 20 lb. pack on due to training for size for BvS, but he did the climb impressively...and Mike and his bro's support for Henry and all these guys supporting the Royal Marines was really special. It was great to see Mike, Henry & Nik doing it together.
    Thanks for sharing Mike, Henry & HCN (y) :) <3

  7. I didn't read the bad comment that was removed, but River...keep in mind that some people are jealous or have competitive issues that are dysfunctional/not healthy...and instead of showing support for people they secretly admire/would like to be like...and maybe learn how train/do similar things to achieve the same kinds of results...they tear them down instead in order to try to look better in their own eyes or whatever. Quality people put more effort into making positive suggestions if they have a comment/an opinion...than ripping down others. The opinions that are mean/rude don't matter. Good people look for the beauty in others...and Henry's true fans do.

    I liked listening to Mike's voice in the interview. He has a relaxed, calming way about him that makes you feel he would be easy to be around/listen to, but yet he is also professional, alert and focused. It sounds like he knows how to read his clients and their needs knowing everyone is different, understands their busy schedules/that they have to balance training with other things and knows how plan ahead/pace things to achieve the results needed for the films and tasks at hand. I like the stuff he writes as well. It is often metaphorical about life itself too--not just training...it's about learning along the way...not just about everyone else needing to, but himself as well...knowing goals/projects done together are about teamwork...together... :)

    Henry has always shown to be very disciplined and really understands what to do to prepare, train, chisel his body a certain way/and/or build it up for each different film and is as much a talented artist as an actor with regards to his training. But also...having Mike's support, input and guidance (as well as Mark Twight's) has been key in the process of creating the look of a superhero/warrior/building the strength and stamina in order to be able to perform as well (which is just as important if not more as the aesthetic). Their work together, monitoring of training activity and sharing friendship/perspectives about how to do it all provide a way to measure progress more effectively and stay on track. Good job Mike, Mark and Henry for the hard work done for the films and rock climb, etc. Impressive. (y) :D
    River...Mike...Mark...Henry... <3 :)

  8. "Quality people put more effort into making positive suggestions if they have a comment/an opinion..."

    Exactly! Well said. :-)

    Thank you for the interview HCN... very interesting.


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  10. Great video. Some of my closest friends have been through work. When you meet folks who share your interests and work ethic, its a natural thing to spend more time with them. Michael, you sound like a lovely guy!

  11. it seems sometimes people are not allowed to disagree/not like/have an opinion with anything on this page or it seems the comment gets deleted. even if it is not rude. just opinions. Even tho we do support Henry! let's see if this simple note gets to stay.


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