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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sexy In Black: Fans Run Into Henry, Out & About In Detroit

Henry with his Gym Jones trainer, Michael Blevins
Image: Just Jared/Splash (Click for HQ)

Henry was out and about in Detroit this weekend, and many lucky fans ran into him. Read their stories and see their photos and videos below. But first, notice that green bracelet he's wearing? - it's in support of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund. Learn how you can get your own.  

 Henry signing for fans

Thanks for sharing your awesome pic with Henry, James. It's pretty darn HOT and you both look great! -This is what James told us about meeting Henry at a Detroit area bar:

Just asked him if I could get a photo with him and he said "yeah, sit down" and he scooted over and his friend took the photo.

Nicole T. Castro (000_nico_000) bumped into Henry at a BBQ event. Another great looking pic wouldn't you say? - that's Superman for you. Always THE BEST with fans.

Nicole shared a bit of her encounter with us:

Of course he was nice and completely obliging. He even said it was nice to meet ME. How sweet.

I told him and his friend that I was trying not to freak out and friend said he's just a normal guy. Lol I was trying to be subtle cuz I didn't want a crowd, hence the failed attempt at a selfie.

Not a failed attempt. AT. ALL. Nicole then shared a bit more:

When I tried to take the selfie pic, he said the angle was terrible and so I handed him my phone. LOL.

So jealous of all the fans who met Henry! - the organizers of the event Henry attended, later posted this candid shot with his trainer Michael Blevins

 @reduxrouge posted her pic and tweeted: "Henry Cavill! #charlesbrandon"

larryjaperez (IG): "this guy was just too cool."

Irinanaz: "An evening well spent with Superman." 

itselizabethj: "Early birthday celebration with Superman."

Elizabeth had met Henry during the filming of Man of Steel in Chicago. This time around she brought her 2011 pic to his surprise. She says Henry signed it, and they chatted about it for a bit.

Sara Dag shared her pic on Facebook saying: "My favorite actor for the past 12 years! I may or may not have blacked out from excitement."

Click for HQ - via: Marina Vazquez/Henry Cavill Fanpage

And apparently Henry wasn't the only one out Saturday night. Amy was with him! (no pics so far).

Black or white.. hmm, can't decide. We're so happy for everyone who gets to meet Henry, because he really is a great guy. And then there's this. Go Detroit fans!
Don't miss all the HQ pics


  1. Awesome Nicole, thanks for sharing you're pic with Henry. Wow! He's smoking hot! I'm so jealous. Thanks hcn for the updates!

  2. It looks like a really relaxed and bubbly atmosfere there this weekend [ >_<]. I will say I do feel jealous; yees! :D <3

  3. Mr. Sexy Solo SuperCav-El Beautiful Perfection <3 <3 <3
    Thank you Nicole, James & HCN for sharing the Lovely Pics (y) <3 :)

    1. I love the Fans who show The Cav-El the Love & Appreciation...cause I Love Henry <3 <3 <3

    2. Completely agree. Everyone is always so happy to meet him, and he's always so gracious. Love it!

    3. I'd like to feed His Pig Whiskey...

    4. LMAO!!! He is gorgeous, and seems incredibly sweet. I wish him nothing but the best :)

  4. I'm a little jealous.

  5. Henry is Pure and Beautiful...in Every Way...I wish and hope The Best for him all His Life. <3 <3 <3

  6. He is awesome ! He is my angel. Thanks for sharing Nicole, James & HCN. Very cute. Lovely little smile <3 !!! Adorable <3 . Henry in the crowd. Incredible ! Where was he exactly in Detroit ?

  7. Lovely lovely lovely Pics...Love Henry <3 <3 <3

  8. There is no one like Henry, NO ONE. He is a total gentleman, super cool guy and love him to pieces.
    I need to move to Detroit before they finish filming.

  9. Did I say I did feel jealous? No. Not at all. I am dead. I´ve just learnt there is a new cause for sudden death: living vicariously that Henry Cavill can advise you "the angle is terrible ...

  10. I would like to move to Detroit now too...preferably in with The Cav-El. <3 <3 <3 Awesome pics everyone. Thanks for sharing (y) <3 :)

  11. Is Mike Blevins Henry's friend AND body guard?

  12. His face looks rough to be honest.

    1. Wow, what planet of beautiful creatures do you live on?

      If to you Henry's face looks rough, then you must think 99.9% of humanity look like orks from the Hobbit.

  13. I really love the Videos and all the Beautiful Pics with the lovely Fans. Henry looks Perfect...so Handsome in all of them. What a Gentleman and Fine Specimen of a Human Being "Alien." <3 <3 <3 Thanks for sharing Everyone...HCN (y) :) <3

  14. Henry, you look so good in plaid.

  15. Truly handsome. I don't know if I'd want to spend the night with him since I don't know him personally and what he presents in public could be slightly different than who he in private...but if he didn't feel good I'd totally do him the favor of taking care of him for the day.


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