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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Historic Photo Shoot: What Secrets Does Clay Enos Hold?

Apparently it was history in the making today involving the main players in Batman v Superman. It all started when cinematographer Larry Fong shared a behind the scenes photo of photographer Clay Enos at work. But it was Enos' reply that really got us excited.
When we reacted with glee, Enos made sure we didn't go too far with our excitement.
But then he added a bit more that put us right back where we started: joyous exhilaration!
Sorry Clay, we can't help it.. especially after these follow-up tweets from Fong and Henry's trainer Mark Twight.
GAH. Later Enos once again reiterated that it's going to be a while, before we see whatever he shot.
And we'll be in San Diego to cover it for you! -- So what do you think was shot this weekend and who was involved? Exciting times ahead! 


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