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Thursday, July 17, 2014

RMCTF Update: 1664 Challenge Poster, Speak Like A Royal Marine, Henry Wearing His Support

Now that Henry has signed on as an ambassador of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, we're bringing you updates on the 1664 Challenge that is helping raise funds for the charity. First up, check out the detailed poster that breaks down what their mission is all about. We also noticed that over the weekend Henry was likely wearing the green bracelet in support of the charity, as he posed with a fan in Detroit. He's been pictured wearing it several times since last fall. You can buy the bracelet by clicking on this link, with all proceeds benefiting the RMCTF. The charity also has a great online store.

And here's a really cool article that will have you talking like a Royal Marine in no time. "Gen Dit." 

We will soon be announcing the details on how you can win one of two autographed RMCTF shirts signed by Henry. In the meantime let's keep those donations coming. Help us support Henry, in his support for the Royal Marines.


  1. Impressive...I'd give The Cav-El a massage just for being a g.d. Sweetheart (that's what the "S" stands for--"SweetieDoll"). <3 <3 <3
    Thanks for the UpDates, HCN. (y) <3 :)

  2. (Sigh)....I want him.


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