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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Casual Sunday With Henry Cavill: Lucky Michigan!

jmaya shared his pic with Henry today, adding: "Just got done eating lunch with Superman." 

1tombi posted this pic of her Mom with Henry, captioning it: "SUPERMOM and SUPERMAN." 

She later told us: "He is amazing indeed.. truly gracious - extended birthday & anniversary wishes on camera as well. Mom was so excited and was simply honored (..) what a treat! - Peace and joy to you all!"

1tombi's mom was celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary -- so happy for her!

Larry (Imduren) met Henry as well: "Out having breakfast and ran into my boy Henry."

Thanks everyone! - don't miss the rest of the weekend photos & awesome video from a very lucky Detroit.

Contributor: LisaC2178


  1. Lovely lovely lovely...I'm ready to have Lunch with Him too after seeing these Pics...that's for Damn Sure...Thanks for sharing, JMaya, Tombi, HCN & of course Henry! (y) <3 <3 <3 :)

  2. Dear dear Henry please stop making pics with fans I'm dying of jealousy. Ooooh my god you are so f♥cking beautiful.


  3. Henry in sweatpants = fan having sex(y) thoughts

  4. I agree...I would like to eat Breakfast with Henry...

  5. If I thought Henry was going to Comic Con, I'd go...but...He's busy filming...so...I'm moving to Detroit...

  6. HCN couldn't we put together a trip for HCN fans to see Henry at the opening of the next Superman movie? It's two years out, so there's plenty of time to plan it. I bet there's a good group who'd go. I wouldn't miss it for anything.


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