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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Old v New: The Differences In Henry's Superman Look

See what we did there with the "v" in the headline? ALL Zack Snyder's influence. Today he hit us with a whopper of a pre-4th of July surprise, when he gave a revealing interview to USA Today. Did we mention it came with a FIRST OFFICIAL BATMAN V SUPERMAN STILL OF HENRY AS SUPERMAN?! figured the web had told you. Back to the "v," the director explained why he choose it instead of the traditional "vs." He also shared some very cool production details. Yes, Henry and Ben have shot scenes together, no, Gal Gadot has not started filming. Anyway, DON'T MISS THE ARTICLE in USA Today (and be careful when you click on that HQ pic: can cause heart palpitations). The reason for this post however, is to try and sort out the differences in Henry's look in Man of Steel, compared to Batman v Superman. Luckily, someone already did the job for us.

Click for larger size

Thank you Project Rooftop and of course Michael Wilkinson, who designed the subtle yet sleek new changes in the Superman suit. You guys seemed to approve, when we asked what you liked best about the new look.

Moving on to Clark. We got a sneak peak at how Henry will look as the Daily Planet journalist, when the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund shared a photo of him supporting their cause while on set in Detroit. All he's missing are the glasses according to Wilkinson, and he is the costume designer so he should know. We put this collage together with pics of how Henry looked for Man of Steel. What can we say, deciding which look we like best has never been an issue. That's because it's all about THE MAN, no matter what he wears. Go Henry!

Images: RMCTF/Kimber Dolan


  1. I didn't think the 1st suit could be improved upon because it was perfect, but the New Suit & M Boots are Incredible...Out Of This World (y) Super Cav-El is PERFUCT. < 3 <3 <3

  2. I don't see the difference. They're not obvious at all unless pointed out. Henry does look a little older, but in a hot sort of way - like he's had a little more experience ;).

  3. He looks great, but I wish they wouldn't try to "age" him so much. Is this story supposed to be 10 years later than events in MoS?? I prefer his hair in the Man of Steel pics. The suit looks fantastic.


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