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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Downtown Detroit Gets Ready For Batman v Superman, New Set Pics, Momoa Calls Himself "Antihero"

It was bound to happen. As construction continues at the rumored Batman v Superman location in downtown Detroit, a local TV station went to check it out. They were told the work was in advance of a soap commercial, but then came a cab driver that knew better. Watch WDIV-TV's report

These are the latest pictures from that location, shared by @uofmuscle. As you can see there is still plenty of work left to do, before the site is ready to film. 

@uofmuscle also posted these photos of the Saranay Motel in the Royal Oak area, saying filming took place against that wall in the bottom picture on a late Sunday night a few weeks ago. Guess we'll find out what scene was allegedly shot there in 2016.  

Over the weekend Jason Momoa made an appearance at the Evolution Expo, and at one point mentioned playing a superhero. Well kind of.. watch him talk about it in the clip below. We have yet to get confirmation from Warner Bros. that he has been cast as Aquaman in Batman v Superman. But who are we kidding, he is SO playing Aquaman. Latest as it happens!

Contributors: @Bananadoc, Batman-news.com

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