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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Flashback Saturday Featuring One Hot Superman In Canada

It was around this time last year, when Henry headed to Calgary for his brother's wedding. And boy were we in for a treat!

Image: LBrossoit

Several fans met Henry during his trip to Canada including Kaleigh, who took this pic at the airport.

*Aviators and cap alert*

Who knew the Man of Steel could look SO GOOD as a cowboy. Fans also ran into him at the annual Stampede: "Sweet as Sugar!" (yes, we had to look up the saying even though some of us are from Texas). 

The HOT PICS kept coming.. (see the rest 1/2)

A few weeks later Henry established his love for everything country, when we caught up with him at the Superman 75th anniversary party at Comic-Con.

Memorable weekend.. about a year ago today. As always huge thanks to everyone who shared their photos of the very charming (and country-lovin') Henry Cavill. 


  1. Man...if I'd gone to the Calgary Stampede last year...I would have nailed The SuperCav-El hard...and there'd a 3 month old mini-Cav-El/S.R.Ercole in the picture now. So...it's probably a good a thing for Him, I stayed home. :D (I'm kidding...I would have been reserved/polite...unless there was alcohol involved...in which case all rules would fly right out the window...and into the night).

    Thanks for the Updates and Pics, HCN (y) <3 :)


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