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Saturday, July 12, 2014

All Quiet On The Home Base Front: 'Batman v Superman' Latest

After an exciting week of Superman and Clark Kent costume reveals, Batman v Superman production news slowed down to a crawl. This week we had zero set updates: NADA out of Pontiac. The word is the cast and crew are out and about filming somewhere else (sneaky!). Even the once-busy LexCorp set across from the studios, is now deserted according to those keeping an eye on it.

"Looks like whatever happened at LexCorp a couple of weeks ago wasn’t good for business. The Guard box has gone. The front door is boarded up. All is quiet on the parking lot and the weeds are growing on the sidewalk."

And no, they haven't started filming at that downtown Detroit location that the whole city now knows about thanks to the local media. These are the latest pictures from there via Rodney (@Yendor187) who says construction may still take a while.

While we haven't seen the Batcave, now we apparently know what's gonna light it. Larson Electronics is showing off the type of lighting that's being used in Batman v Superman.

Their line of industrial grade lighting products have proven to be a popular choice among set designers and film production specialists due to their high performance and modern designs which lend themselves well to the production of today’s action and sci-fi thrillers. The EPL-SL-10-LED explosion proof string light set is ideal for general close work and inspection activities in hazardous locations requiring explosion proof protection.

Hazardous locations? that might explain this picture posted by cinematographer Larry Fong on his Instagram account (UncleWow). Looks like potentially toxic surroundings.. to be clear though, we don't know where or when the pic was taken or if it's even his. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with a little speculation ;)

Fong later posted this behind the scenes photo of set photographer Clay Enos. What are you doing down there Clay?!
Miss Lois Lane herself has been keeping busy in the Detroit area. Several lucky fans bumped into Amy Adams at a suburban Detroit store Friday. Like Henry, she usually doesn't say no to pics. Lovely!

Image: Eric Scott (ScottySizzle on IG)

Met Amy Adams today #prettygoodday #starstruck #sohappy #bestdayever
Image: eddiej_52 (IG)

There have been no fan sightings of Henry for a while (not counting the lucky extra who got to meet him last week). But fans are certainly hearing from him via snail mail. His agency has been sending out autographed pictures of the Man of Steel. It's definitely putting a smile on the faces of those receiving them. 

Hi guys, here's the picture I got in the mail about 2 days ago. I sent letters to both agencies at the end of March but the picture definitely came from the UK one.

Thanks so much again for providing these addresses! The picture came at the right time - just when I needed a boost to get through the week - Superman to the rescue!

(from Trinidad)

Here is where/how you can request your own. We are so happy to hear about your support for Henry, and so glad we can help cheer him on. Let's see what next week brings!

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