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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Henry Is Back In LA: So Many Exciting Possibilities..

"Last night's crew featuring #Superman #what #HenryCavill"

Publicist Nicole Bamber was out with her friends in Hollywood last night, when they ran into Henry. They couldn't pass up a chance for a pic with Superman (and his brother Charlie), especially a day after the release of the much anticipated Batman v Superman trailer.. which got us thinking, why IS Henry in LA???

He was in China just a few days ago, so the reason must be pretty important if he flew back right after the Laureus Sports Awards. Here are our guesses:

1) He's about to start filming Stratton, and he has some pre-production business to take care of. 

2) Warner Bros will have its big summer films presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday, and there is a good chance The Man from U.N.C.L.E. will be part of that. Will Henry be there as well?

3) IMAX screenings of the Batman v Superman trailer are set for Monday, and can you imagine if Superman showed up in the flesh at one of them? - We don't even want to go there.

4) What we consider the best option.. ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

You can count on us (if we are able to keep the fangirling under control) to bring you the latest, as we get it. 

Enjoy your time in the Sun, Superman!

UPDATE: Sure, kill us with the handsome, that new poster almost finished us off. New photos from today.

@RandyMadden: "Me and the Man of Steel Superman Henry Cavill hanging at the pool today.. #Hollywood"

@_breadnbuttr: "
Omg I dont even care how hard I'm cheesing in this pic. I just took a picture with Henry Cavill (aka The Man of Steel) ❤ #pinchme #nerdingout"

indianajon_ "#SundayFunday in Beverly Hills with Superman!! #partycentral"

_simonsasysso_ "Superman Sunday Funday"

Looking good with Charlie and his friends (Corey Spears) via @HenryCavillToon.


  1. His brother has a wife, doesn't he? It seems like he's spending an awful lot of time as a man about town for someone with a wife. I'm not sure I'd be too comfortable with that if I was the wife.

    1. Relax. It's just a pic at a restaurant. Charlie is running the production company with Henry and they start filming in a few weeks. I'm sure his wife is fine with him hanging out with his bro/family/doing business. If I were her I'd happy that he looks like he is having fun and enjoying himself while working and glad he was with Henry. If Charlie loves his job/work as much as Henry does, he'll be happy and that would make his wife happy. :)

    2. Don't be so judgmental. You don't know Charlie and you don't know his wife. I'm sure his wife was fully aware that travel would be happening when Charlie entered into this production company with Henry. They're at a restaurant, not a strip club.

    3. My husband is in the military.... Some career fields have to spend a lot of time away from their spouses. It is up to the married couples to decide what is okay for them. Being out on the town with his brother and enjoying drinks, etc...nothing wrong with that. As long as Charlie's wife is okay with it...none of our business. I saw some of the same comments about Michael (Henry's trainer) being away from his wife and kid so much. Jobs sometimes do that. I, for one, am more worried when my husband is on a TDY, etc. and is alone on the trip. I encourage him to go out (within reason). Knowing he is with family would make it even better. I personally worry less when I know he is in good company.

  2. Great pic...Looks like the girls had a fun night out...that got a lot more exciting when SuperCav-El and Bro were added to the mix! :D Thanks so much for sharing, Nicole, Henry, Charlie & HCN (y) :) <3
    Henry... <3 <3 <3

  3. Is it just me or does he have his right arm wrapped around the far left girl's waist? Because she is holding something to the back and it looks like a man's hand!

    1. He doesn't have his arm around her waist.

    2. LOL! It's HER other hand.

  4. I LOOOOOOOVE the new pics of Henry with Randy Madden & Breadnbuttr...Lovely.
    It's a beautiful day in L.A. :D Thanks so much for sharing, Everyone & HCN (y) :) <3
    HENRY... <3 <3 <3

  5. Love the fun group pic with Henry...IndianaJon & friends! :D <3
    Looks like a beautiful day outside...so nice to see everyone enjoying the nice weather...and Henry able to relax a bit before filming while he prepares for Stratton...
    Thanks y'all for sharing, Everyone & HCN (y) :) <3

  6. Thanks for the new pics. The Tudors, season 4, the beard is better than the last days. Henry is beautiful. Rested face, beautiful smile. I'm realy happy that his brother is with him. Does Henry still work with the woman with blond and curly hair who was often with Henry ? I'm sorry I have forgotten her name.


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