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Friday, April 3, 2015

New Interview: Henry Talks Favorite Places In Jersey

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The new edition of Jersey's visitors guide called Absolute Jersey, includes a new interview with Henry. He talks about his favorite places on the island, including the Durrell Wildlife Park. Henry will be home to support Durrell as its ambassador during a historic rugby match next month, and you can join him! - Look for updates in the coming weeks, and complete coverage from Jersey.

What do you love about Jersey?

Quite simply I love that it's home. Jersey holds a special magic for me, it's the smell of the sea when I get off the plane or the cry of the gulls or a field of Jersey cows or its incredible history. The place holds such a special place in my heart that it's hard to say what it is exactly that I love about it. When describing it to people I tell them that it's a very small island with a lot of character and some of the most beautiful beaches in Britain.   

Pattie, who shared the interview says Henry is "a proud Bean." You could definitely see that when he premiered Man of Steel on the island back in June of 2013. It seems Jersey is just as proud of Henry. Go, Superman!

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  1. Jersey is Beautiful...and so is Henry...Now we all wanna go visit all these places he mentioned... :D
    Love the beautiful pics and video clips! Thanks for sharing, Henry & HCN (y) :) <3

  2. What a beautiful place to be able to grow up in.

  3. My favorite place would be where ever he is.

    Oh stop it, you know you're thinking that, too!

    1. O.K....o.k....o.k....You are pretty much right about that! LOL
      LOOOOOOOVE Henry so much.... <3 <3 <3

  4. Thanks for sharring this news and for posting my pics from the wonderful 14th June 2013. Thank you. Henry always talks about his island with emotions. I hope I could go back to Jersey to see Henry. Maybe in one month. Totally crazy but possible. Just 1h45 from France (St-Malo) ...

    1. Thank you again, Mary! -- Let us know if you go. We'd love to share your photos and story again.

  5. Jersey is probably the most sunny island in United Kingdom, but it's only the dependent territory with own Governor from Britain.

    I would like to visit this lonely lighthouse. Which is at the top of the rock.
    Once I painted this picture. Lighthouse, and around the rocks.

    When I was a child I read almost all books of Gerald Durrell.
    When he was on Korfu. When he moved to this beauty island J. and decided to founded ZOO.
    And Jersey always reminds me Gerald Durrell's park, and the book "My Family and the Other Animals".

    Besides Jersey reminds me of the banks, as a one street in my town.

    Definitely worth a visit Jersey, not only because of the person of Henry. Or maybe just because of him?

    1. Would love to see this island, thanks to Henry 😌🙏♥️

  6. It looks really beautiful, seems like a great place to visit. I love to visit Durell, that would be really cool. And those beautiful beaches:)

    1. It does look amazing. Hopefully many fans get to see it for themselves as they support Henry at the rugby match/charity event. Happy Easter, River and everyone here. We really appreciate your comments and support for Henry.


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