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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Batman v Superman Trailer Screening Details: Here We Go!

What did we say about watching the boss like a hawk? -- He's always ahead of the game!

Director Zack Snyder released the teaser of the Batman v Superman trailer ahead of the rumored time, and shared the link on where to get your passes to watch it on Monday.

You got your passes, right?


Also, we can't stop watching that teaser.. help? -- K, thanks.


  1. Is the second part of the Blevins interview coming today? I enjoyed his soundbites about Henry in the first one.

    1. It will be up on the site tomorrow. We can't wait to share it with everyone!

  2. Poor Charly! He could not handdle the jet lag. He looks so tired!! But always supporting his bro.

  3. That comment was for the wrap in China. Sorry for that!

  4. Anonymous- that happened to me the other day too. I commented about his suit, but somehow wound up under the mongoose clip. ;)

    And- Snyder.....you're killing me lol!!!!!

  5. Oh man, between the closest places (TX and NM)- the passes are already all sold out!!


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