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Friday, April 17, 2015

'Batman v Superman' Trailer Leaks Online: First Look At Supes

UPDATE: Warner Bros has released the first Batman v Superman trailer!

And there's more -- Fans going to the IMAX screening on Monday, are in for a treat! 

More to come.. 

Image: Warner Bros. via Variety

Okay, so first we want to say that it sucks that some fanboy/girl with a camera ruined all the excitement leading up to Monday's Batman v Superman trailer release.

But when Variety ran the leaked trailer story (spoiler alert) with that top image, all we could think of was.. Suuuupes!

"The highly anticipated trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” leaked online for a few minutes on Thursday before YouTube quickly took the video down. Shot on a handheld camera or phone, the leaked trailer featured Portuguese subtitles and may have been taken at a Brazilian movie theater. Warner Bros. was supposed to premiere the footage in Imax theaters on Monday. The studio could not be reached for comment. Last year, Disney and Marvel were forced to release the trailer for “The Avengers,” which leaked online prior to its exclusive debut on television."

We have mixed feelings about the leaked trailer, because like cinematographer Larry Fong said earlier..

So here we sit, absolutely loving our first look at Henry in Batman v Superman.. yet feeling really guilty about it. Let's see what happens next. In the meantime, the internet can't stop talking about the trailer. Bustle has a cheeky post that you'll want to check out, if you don't mind being spoiled: 

 7 Best 'Batman V. Superman' Trailer Moments

Here's what everyone else is saying: The Wrap/Business Insider/Entertainment Weekly/USA TODAY/The Independent/The Guardian/MTV UK/The Verge/Mashable

Henry looks amazing as Superman, and you guys agree! -- Our followers on Instagram and Twitter, are being very vocal with their reactions.

Indie Revolver claims to have the details of Monday's IMAX presentation of the trailer, and it reportedly includes some really cool goodies for fans who show up! -- READ ALL ABOUT IT and stay tuned for the very latest as we get it.

Comments? thoughts? we want to hear what you think!

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  1. No shirtless shot from Henry! The first MOS teaser featured Henry shirtless so I was hoping to see a repeat of that.

  2. Oops, I should state up top: I watched it, and I make vague comments.

    Wow, it looks dark, or "edgy." Poor Supes! He just wants to help. And what the heck, Batman? Why do you want the guy who saved your planet to bleed? Calm down! But that quote re: everyone looks at what he can do, but doesn't ask what he should do is pretty cool. This is such an interesting difference from the campy Christopher Reeve movies. Too bad it won't be out for a long time!

    1. Hmm.. they're probably saving the shirtless for later, the running commentary was very telling of where this is going. Supes looks really tormented in what we think is the best shot in the trailer.. and Batman, we're not talking to you right now. Less than a year to go! it'll be here in no time.

  3. Suuupes!!! My lovely biutiful Supes! I♥ him so muh-huh-huuuch *weeps*
    It's been too looong -- it's gonna be even longer still *creys*

  4. Great! In reference to the linked article, I have my pass for Monday night where I will become an ambassador. What is a special digital asset? Will it require training or licensing? #slightlyconcerned #superstoked

    1. Ha! - sure it will be awesome, no matter what it is. And being an ambassador sounds *so fancy*

      Can't wait to see that one-sheet!

    2. I'm so fancy! I'm hoping that the ambassadors will receive some sort of sash, perhaps of red and blue. Because, I would wear it.

    3. It's a SEA OF RED AND BLUE ON THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW. We may be a tiny bit excited. Don't mean to scare you, but thought about your comment ->> AN OCEAN OF RED AND BLUE ACROSS THE WEB. Okay, we're stopping :)

  5. Maybe there should be a short film titled, "JJ v Zack."

  6. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. <3 (y) :D

  7. Can • Not • Stop • Watching

  8. Oh Henry, why do you make such sad and dark movies ? You've got a realy lovely smile. These films are ruining your career. Fortunaly, there will be soon Man from U.N.C.L.E.

  9. SOOOO intense! What a great start to the weekend! I cannot wait to see this film!

  10. very nice, thanks for sharing that


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