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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Behold The Batmobile: Now We're Ready For Some 'Batman v Superman' Action!

UPDATE: The REAL BEAST has arrived. Thanks Zack & Clay!

We've also added WXYZ's coverage from the set and another new pic.

Images: Warner Bros./Arthur Macro/Ain't it Cool News/Zack Snyder

The latest Batman v Superman set has given us a first real look at the Batmobile. So we put together this collage of images, along with the ones released by the studio a few months ago. But if that's the Batmobile, what do you make of the little model below that just showed up on set? (Zack Snyder is punking us all). By the way, General Motors has confirmed to MLive that they were not the ones who built the car in a North Hollywood studio as rumored (READ MORE). Things are supposed to get exciting on that Detroit set in the next few days, would it be too much to ask to get a proper Batman v Superman fight going? - LATEST as we get it. 
Images: Arthur Macro (amacro13)

Here are a few more photos from that set.

Image: Geovanni (ima_texan)

Images: Tim Malin (@D3T0N8R)

You can find the rest in this post.


  1. superman is probably gonna destroy the real one, and then its gonna show how batman is rebuilding at the end of the movie after the fight , at the end them ending up as friends :D im pretty good at this kind of stuff

  2. The Batmobile is a BEAST...Nice work Everyone who created it and captured it in all it's fine glory in pics...Zack, Clay, WB, Arthur M., Geovanni & Tim. And thanks for sharing, HCN. (y) :)


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