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Sunday, September 7, 2014

'Batman v Superman' Filming Wrap: So Much Going On!

Clark Kent images: Bananadoc/Daily Mail/Splash News

What a week!

Didn't we tell you it was gonna be SUPER exciting? -- not only did we bring you some awesome candids of the cast at the downtown Detroit set of Batman v Superman, we also finally got to see Henry in his Clark Kent glasses (hottie reporter alert!) and a bit more of him in his Superman suit.

But there's been SO MUCH MORE going on in Detroit, as filming continues ahead of a production shift to Illinois next month and then possibly continuing overseas. Right now cast and crew are rumored to be shooting at some area docks and a separate location. From blurry pictures to glimpses from/near the actual sets, here is a compilation of images from those places that look very much like Batman is ready for some action.    

Image: MLive

Image: Clay Enos

Images: Ramon Hollis

Images: jimmienitrez

See the rest of the pictures at Bananadoc's blog. Filming also took place at a Detroit Deli, and you can read more on that, at the Detroit Free Press.

We also heard from Batman himself this week. In an interview with the New York Times, Ben Affleck briefly mentioned working on Batman v Superman in Detroit:

“I’m having a blast,” -- “is really unique to the genre and really smart.”

We also loved the newspaper's commentary:

"(Co-starring Henry Cavill, it pairs what are arguably the two best cleft chins of our time.)"

Not gonna argue with you there!

So what's next? - like we mentioned earlier, Illinois has confirmed it's expecting the Batman v Superman production to set up shop in Chicago next month. These are the latest pics from the Kent farm where filming will also take place. Seems pretty ready to go, look for updates as we get them!

Images: Hwestmor

Contributor: Juan Mimendi


  1. Very Interesting Update & Pics. Thanks for sharing, Clay, Bananadoc, Jimmie, Hwestmor, DM, SN, MLive, Raymon, Tim & HCN. (y) :) <3

  2. I'm excited...this movie will be epic.


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