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Saturday, September 13, 2014

That One Time When A Stormtrooper Was Busted For Stealing The Batmobile..

Oh man. Zack Snyder and J.J. Abrams have turned our fan worlds upside down, thanks to the power of social media and their ongoing Stars Wars-Batman v Superman friendly competition. The last time we heard from J.J. on the matter, he had C-3PO doing his best Caped Crusader pose. Zack hadn't responded, until those stolen Batmobile rumors began.. Bingo!
Here is the entire collection of images so far, that you can see in HQ on their twitter pages: @ZackSnyder & @bad_robot. J.J. will definitely have to step up his game. We can't wait... (UPDATE: Holy Millennium Falcon, Batman!).

but as far as we're concerned, #SuperJedi: still THE BEST. 


  1. This is NUTS...But I like it... (y) :D

  2. Love it! Man of Steel sits right next to my Star Wars flicks.

  3. Love the new pic with Zack, Arturo and the Cops...
    Thanks for sharing, y'all...& HCN. (y) :D <3


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