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Sunday, September 14, 2014

How Lucky Can One Girl Get: Two Summer Encounters With Henry In MI

The perfect look, the sexy curl, the chance of a lifetime. All we can say is Priya (Priya8888) is one lucky girl! -- After meeting Henry in Detroit this past July, she ran into him again while having dinner with her family last night. She exclusively told us what happened next: 

I noticed Henry and Michael (trainer) were eating at the bar, so I asked our waiter if he could ask Henry if it was alright for me to buy him a drink. He went up to Henry and pointed at me, and then Henry nodded. He later came over, and was so gracious to me and my family. I'm so grateful that I got to meet him again.

Priya's smile says it all, and Henry proved once again what a gentleman he is. We're so happy for her and the fans, who last night got a chance to meet him while he continues filming Batman v Superman in Michigan.  


  1. A true gentleman would have bought the lady a drink.

    1. She certainly didn't seem to be expecting one. He clearly made a wonderful impression on her and her family. There's nothing more needed.

    2. It's 2014, a woman can buy a man a drink if she wants. Priya was very polite about the matter.

      Henry responded favorably by coming over to speak with her and her family.

      I'm not sure what else is expected of him. The man can't even go out for dinner without fans stopping him to take pictures.

      I thought it was lovely of Henry to acknowledge Priya's offer.

  2. I agree...Beautiful pic...Lovely story...
    He is so handsome it's unbelievable...Love the Curl/Chest Hair.. <3 <3 <3
    It's good to see him nice and relaxed with fans afterhours while filming.
    Thanks for sharing Priya & HCN. (y) :) <3

  3. I agree...I would like to buy his Patron too...I'd keep it on Tap just to be Ready for him...

  4. Smart girl. Well played. Her family must be proud, so must be Henry Cavill now too. :D
    Lucky and enchanting people around in a dinner is not a heavy thing. Henry is lucky too (sure men agree) :) I wish you could share more nice fan stories like that; so educative on the other hand ( :D kidding in the last part)

  5. He's pretty dreamy-looking, that's for sure.

  6. My favorite crush, and proud of it.

  7. She looks a lot like Gina...

  8. She looks nothing like carano. But Henry super handsome, what a gentleman.....ahhh lucky girl got to him twice!!! I'm soo jealous! Love you Henry!!!!


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