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Friday, September 12, 2014

See The Batmobile In Action In Latest 'Batman v Superman' Wrap

jimmienitrez: Bout to drive the batmobile through some boats!

If you've been following our coverage of Henry's projects, you know we love the excitement of filming just as much as watching the finished product (see our production updates from The Man from U.N.C.L.E.). That's been the case since Batman v Superman started shooting in the spring. This week has brought us a first official look at the Batmobile, and thanks to Detroit fans we even got to watch some of the action!

Theboodlefactory: #explosions #detroit #taxcredits #lastnight

jessbrtn: Batman v Superman is filming next door #detroit

This gorgeous area shot was snapped from the air by set photographer Clay Enos. We're not saying it's for the film, but it sure does seem to go along with the theme. 

Brasherj: They're pretending to blow up parts of the building next door for #Batman vs Superman. 

Another beautiful photo of the area by cinematographer Larry Fong. 

Oh, but it's probably there for a reason ;)

DetroitDartClub: Apparently there was some filming of the new Batman v Superman movie outside my space last night. And I missed the batmobile.

Hey, we recognize this little model! 

roedayzon: Just seen the cam crane from #batmanvssuperman

roedayzon: Lighting system crazy! 

Jimmienitrez: #boatyard #batmanvssuperman #detroit

Est313clothing: #Detroit #BTS #Gotham #BatmanvsSuperman

And while a Detroit radio station has so far been unsuccessful in talking to Ben Affleck, and boy are they trying.. 

all it takes is a request from a fan, to bring out the cuddly in Batman. Ben as awesome as Henry, these are by far our favorite pics. Go team Batman v Superman!   

Fadi P. Zoma: My mom just met Batman. #SoDamnJealous


  1. Awww Ben's a sweetheart, finally a pic with Ben and a fan! Smile Ben, your soo cute you made her day....ahhh

  2. Love all these BvS Updates and Pics...Exciting Stuff going on in Detroit... (y)
    Lovely pic of Ben and Fadi's Momma. <3 He's really good looking. I'm glad he's Batman.
    Where's SuperCav-El? Taking a Coffee Break, I think...
    Thanks for the wonderful updates, Jimmie, Daniel, Clay, BoodleFactory, Brasherj, Larry, Jessbrtn, Tim, Channel 955, Est313C, Roe, DetroitDartClub, Zack, Fadi & HCN (y) :) <3

  3. I Love Henry... <3 <3 <3

  4. Excuse me....did you really claim Ben is "as awesome as Henry"??? Ahem, whose fan site is this?! No disrespect to Mr. Affleck, but WE LOVE HENRY!!!! Case closed.

  5. I'll be daydreaming about making out with Kent/Superman in that bat mobile. That's about it.


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