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Saturday, September 20, 2014

'The Great Wall' Update: Matt Damon Up For Henry's Role

It was a role Henry was cast for and attached to for a while, the lead in Legendary's The Great Wall. But after production delays and a change in directors, Deadline is now reporting Matt Damon is up for what at one point was Henry's part:

This is the China-set epic that Legendary Pictures principal Thomas Tull has been trying to mount for the past several years. Scripted by Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro, the film was going to shoot last year and give Legendary a foothold into the China market, at the time with Ed Zwick helming. While Zwick went as far as casting Henry Cavill and Benjamin Walker, it just didn’t get over the wall that time (..)

The Great Wall reveals the mystery behind why the Great Wall was built, and the secrets that are kept under its stone structure. The film will be produced by Thomas Tull, Chuck Roven, Jon Jashni and Alex Gartner.

We would have LOVED to have seen Zwick's version, that had Henry traveling through 15th century China as a British soldier. But had Henry filmed that project last year, he likely wouldn't have been available to do The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - and we can't even imagine that thought.. *gasp* 

So go ahead Matt Damon aka Batman's BFF, take The Great Wall. We'll keep Solo, because we know he'll shine in that U.N.C.L.E. role come August 14, 2015. And then he'll kick your buddy's butt a few months later.


Henry's fans.


  1. Interesting...Well...It sounds like Henry will be too busy playing SuperCav-El the next few years/in the U.S. to play this China role. But Matt Damon is a terrific actor, so he'll be great in The Great Wall. Thanks for the update, HCN...
    Love the SuperSolo pics. <3 <3 <3

  2. I'm disappointed, gotta be honest. Wanted him to do this movie. Ah well.

    1. I am disappointed too. This seems like the type of role he's born to do, i.e. British soldier. Napoleon Solo is perfect for him too.

    2. It would be great to see Henry in a role where he can use his own British accent! And a heroic soldier sounds perfect!! esp. if there's a bit of a love story, too!!! Some producer needs to make such a role available to him...SOON!

  3. That looks like the face of an angel: beautiful and handsome.

  4. That's a disappointment. Henry in the role would have gotten me to the theater. Matt Damon, not so much. Looking forward to UNCLE and BvS (and I hope there's enough of Henry in it!)

    1. I agree with you. Maybe I'll go and see the Matt Damon one anyway just to see how different it would have been to have had Henry in the role!


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