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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Action! 'Mission: Impossible 6' Begins Filming In Paris

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The city of Paris was abuzz overnight, as filming began on Mission: Impossible 6. And both fans and photographers captured all the excitement, as Tom Cruise and director Chris McQuarrie arrived on set to shoot those first scenes.


Is the mysterious man in the beard Tom or Sean Harris? the villain was last seen being taken into custody in Rogue Nation (despite the actor begging the director to be killed off).

UPDATE: Sean Harris is definitely there, which means maybe Henry is not the big baddie as rumored..

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A post shared by Geoffray Rando (@geoffray_rando) on

This weekend's action is not just taking place in the air, a section of Paris has been blocked off to traffic for some scenes on the city's streets aka likely high speed chases.

We can't wait to see Henry on set whenever he joins filming. Keep checking back for production updates!

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  1. Translation for Arthur Berdah ✔ @arthurberdah by Rebecca
    Today, the Mission Impossible of Tom Cruise is to put down this helicopter above Bercy. The teams are in their 5th attempt...
    8:59 AM - 8 Apr 2017

  2. Translation for Grégorian Toutain @GregToutain by Rebecca
    The helicopter of #MissionImpossible6 lands on Bercy.
    10:39 AM - 8 Apr 2017

  3. Translation for BFM Paris ✔ @BFMParis by Rebecca
    Flyover of helicopters at Bercy: the filming of Impossible Mission with Tom Cruise begins http://buff.ly/2nlwfhy
    2:39 PM - 7 Apr 2017

  4. Translation for Raphaël MAILLOCHON ✔ @Raph_journalist by Rebecca
    Rendez-Vous live at 9h30 on @BFMParis for filming of #MissionImpossible6 in #Paris
    8:28 AM - 8 Apr 2017

  5. Translation for Merlin Philippe @merlinpapin3 by Rebecca
    In red the blocked streets for the filming of #missionimpossible6 with #TomCruise, tomorrow and Monday in Paris in the 15th arrondissement
    1:26 PM - 8 Apr 2017

  6. I hope we don't get too many inclusive updates on the movie or indeed Henry Cavill's role in much detail I'd like it all to be as much as a surprise as can be. Excited to watch Henry in a new role too. Thanks for the updates.


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