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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Henry's 'Mission: Impossible 6' Set Update From Paris

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UPDATE: Wait a second.. is that his character's name??!! (sorry, kinda blind). Hello Walker! look forward to finding out more about this mysterious role.

As seasoned fans, this is something we know you know. Whenever Henry changes his look, the internet goes bananas. People like it, they don't like it, they want his hair longer, shorter, curlier.. this time is no different except it has to do with his mustache and clearly he's heard from you all!

Today he shared this funny post and pic from the Mission: Impossible 6 set in Paris, making note of it.

Internet, you got his attention.


Now we're getting somewhere.. (though that whole Supes doesn't smile.. really guys?).


And as always.. the voice of reason.

Thanks for the update Henry! -- The countdown to his next change of hairstyle begins in 3..2..

From Henry's Facebook

UPDATE 2: Director Chris McQuarrie's new post from the set.. we just know this action sequence is gonna be awesome!

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  1. Even sitting in a chair,this man seem to be on a throne.Enjoy your work there henry.know you will kill the role.

  2. Great post! Yes, he definitely got the attention of the internet...lol He looks wonderful all ways and always! So happy for him, he totally deserves all the attention and exposure he is getting. May his star continue to rise!

  3. Too funny!!! Oh Henry! At least he will have a food catcher for a bit, ya know save some food for later kinda thing LOL! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing HCN and Henry :)

  4. Henry is probably sitting there searching the Internet and giggling at comments about his facial hair. I for one love the way he can change his look so easily

  5. It's a gaming laptop he's using so he must be playing warcraft. We know he likes that. He's such a gamer nerd! :-) Love it! So adorable.

    1. Or any of the many many other games out there pretty sure he doesn't just play the one.

  6. "Working"on a Razer gaming laptop. Silly Cavill is silly. Love it!

  7. Stay safe in Paris, Henry. Such scary events happening all over the world. Trust that love is always stronger than fear and hate. ❤️ to Paris.

  8. I have to agree mt god protect you and you friends family cheers

  9. Mi bigotรณn favorito.

    1. Translation for Blanca April 21, 2017 at 9:41 AM by Rebecca
      My favourite moustache.

  10. Does it really matter what he looks like, short hair, curly hair, beard, no beard, mussely. Not so mussely, why are people so obsessed with how he looks. It's that man who he is that matters, kind generous. Intelligent. Gracious and respectfull, does it really matter about looks and wealth.


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