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Thursday, April 20, 2017

New 'Sand Castle' Clip: Premieres Tomorrow On Netflix

It's almost time!

Sand Castle premieres on Netflix tomorrow, and a new teaser has hit the web. It features a skeptical Captain Syverson, listening to Matt Ocre (Nicholas Hoult) and Sergeant Baker's (Logan Marshall-Green) ideas on how to approach their mission.

Just a few more hours until we can see Henry's latest film.

Oh, and about that Southern accent..

"The cast, predominantly Brits putting on Yank accents, are superb."


  1. Can't wait!! so looking forward to seeing Henry in this roll!!

  2. And you know this !!!! Sitting on the edge here.can't wait i think I've eaten all my nails.lol

  3. Watched Sand Castle just now, it's a good indie flick! Not as much Henry as you want, but his character was entertaining (even funny in one spot), Hoult is amazing, very authentic film, very personal story. Some great emotional and transformative beats. Enjoy it!


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