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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Henry & Kal Say Hi From Paris, Director Shares His Excitement

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Kal's definitely got the star pose down!

Henry posted this new pic today, from what appears to be the Mission: Impossible 6 set in Paris. And as always, Kal is with him on location. The photo also seems to confirm this is Henry's look for the movie and it's perfect, especially if he turns out to be the villain.

Just a few days ago, director Chris McQuarrie shared his excitement about working on the film, and with everyone involved.

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Filming is still going on at the Grand Palais..

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Just today, Rebecca Ferguson was spotted on set.

The extras are over the moon..


Latest from Paris as we get it!


  1. Translation for CHARLIE VINCENT. @charliekohlanta by Rebecca
    Ready for the 4th day of filming..of...NEW MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!#omg #tomcruise with the talented Henry Cavill (new superman)
    12:28 PM - 19 Apr 2017

  2. Glad to see henry looking healthy and happy.

  3. Love the look boys! and also love the instagram pic of the director and Tom and Henry! how cool is that?!?!!!!! love that Kal has that "what" look! so cute!
    Thanks for sharing Henry and HCN!

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  5. Their both too cute Kal is so adorable Nicole :)


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