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Sunday, April 2, 2017

'Mission: Impossible 6' Update, 'Sand Castle' Out This Month!

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Now that Henry has wrapped Nomis, his focus will shift to Mission: Impossible 6. Pre-production for the film is underway, and this week director Christopher McQuarrie shared a look at Simon Pegg as he prepares to return to his role as Benji in the series. As expected, it appears some of the filming will take place at Pinewood Studios outside of London where some of Rogue Nation was shot.

When McQuarrie invited Henry to join the next mission, his photo was from New Zealand. Other confirmed locations include Paris and India. Mumbai served as a background for scenes in Ghost Protocol.

Filming is expected to run from April 8th/10th through at least September, but there is no word on when Henry will be shooting his scenes. Look for updates as we get them.

In the meantime, Sand Castle is almost here!

Image: Netflix

The war drama will premiere on Netflix on Friday, April 21st. Just like with Nomis and M:I6, we don't know much about Henry's role in the film. But that only makes us more excited to find out all about Captain Syverson.

Less than three weeks to go!


  1. Oh My Word!!! I'm so excited about all the up coming projects for Henry!!! Looking forward to Sand Castle first eekK!!!! Go Henry go!!

  2. Thank God he's got steady work! Good.

  3. This year and next year are building up to be very exiting, chuffed to bits for Henry. Especially that he is now part of a series of movies I've loved since the beginning. The first MI movie was done back in 1999. Talk about longevity. Now Henry is part of that legacy too. It's going to be awesome. Not forgetting that if they do more off the back of this, perhaps we will have Henry starring in more? We will just have to see. It's been one heck of a ride so far and long may it continue :)

  4. It's really great that Henry isn't letting his synonymous status as Superman divert him from pursuing other projects, lol!

    1. Wish he had the Napoleon Solo status and James Bond status.

  5. I know this is probably off topic, but I was wondering is anyone watching MOS on TNT😁?

    1. No, but thanks for the heads up. Have a great week!


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